Zhang Yishan wins defamation case

6 Dec – Zhang Yishan has recently won a defamation case following a series of rumours against him.

As reported on Sohu, the actor, who filed a lawsuit following several allegations that he used drugs and was arrested for soliciting prostitution, recently posted a notice from the People's Court which read, "Zhang Yishan respects the freedom of speech and criticism of the majority of Internet users, but any speech should be based on facts and based on the law. It should not infringe on the legitimate rights of others."

"Regarding the fabrication and dissemination of false and insulting information about Zhang Yishan's arrest, drug abuse, and prostitution, Zhang Yishan will resolutely defend his rights to the end."

A warning to netizens who run their mouths irresponsibly
A warning to netizens who run their mouths irresponsibly

His camp also expressed hope that netizens will be cautious with their words and deeds, and that they can create a good internet environment for everybody.

Zhang also thanked his fans for their undying support, adding, "With your support behind me, my life is enough."

(Photo Source: Zhang Yishan Weibo)