From Zero Business Credit to $500K Approved in 14 Months

Jack McColl, a serial entrepreneur who has been traveling full time for the last two years has found a unique and effective strategy which helps entrepreneurs get approved for a variety of high limit 0% business credit cards.

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Jack preaches that the more you can borrow at 0% interest the more you can make. He claims his access to money over the last 14 months has been the biggest needle mover which has made him hundreds of thousands of dollars through a variety of different businesses and investments, all funded by 0% interest business credit.

One thing that Jack emphasizes is the difference between personal and business credit. Optimizing personal credit is a critical step to achieving high limit 0% business cards, but why business credit is so impactful is because the business credit accounts do not report to someone’s personal credit profile. The first reason why this is a big deal is because that means the utilization of a maxed out business credit card will not affect your personal score in any way. Secondly, since the account isn’t reporting, other banks cannot see when you opened the account. Too many recently opened accounts reporting to personal credit will limit you from future approval, but since business card accounts don’t report, it’s like the account almost doesn’t exist in the eyes of other banks.

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Main components of getting approved for high limit ($50k) 0% business cards:

  1. Optimized personal credit

    1. Certain amount of accounts reporting

    2. Certain amount of collective limits

    3. Certain amount of hard inquiries

    4. Minimum score of 720

    5. Not too many recently open credit accounts that are reporting

  2. Banking relationships

    1. Setting up your bank accounts properly for maximum fundability

    2. Building trust before applying for cards

    3. Showing a certain level of liquidity (which doesn’t have to be much)

    4. Certain age of relationship

  3. How you apply for the cards

    1. Understanding what to apply for and in what order

    2. Understanding what information to include on your credit card application

    3. Applying through a high level business banking relationship manager

      1. Jack personally introduces his mentees to his personal relationship managers

Now you might be thinking you have to have a business with age and one that has been making money. However Jack has emphasized he’s helping entrepreneurs on business less than 6 months old get approved for the high limit 0% business cards, even recent college graduates with $50k approvals

Results are best if you are starting with a 650 score before utilizing Jack’s strategies, however, Jack mentions that any credit profile or credit score is fixable. Any inquiry, late payment, or collection is disputable, and through the right strategies it’s quite simple to get them removed which will dramatically increase your score.

If you are an entrepreneur with a 650 or higher credit score and are interested in learning how to get approved for $100k+ in 0% interest business credit so you can start a business, scale a business, or use the money to make investments, click the link below to watch Jack’s free case study where he breaks each of his strategies down of how we able to get approved for $500k in credit in less than a year and a half.

Jack will also be speaking at the Epic Growth Conference (a high level mastermind event) in Vegas from Nov11-14 where he is pulling the curtain open on the details that has allowed him to get approved for so much create, along with other expert speakers who will be highlighting $100k/year passive income opportunities, DeFi crypto, and much more.