Zendaya and Tom Holland Were Filmed Mastering Beyoncé’s Mute Challenge at Her Concert

Zendaya and Tom Holland Were Filmed Mastering Beyoncé’s Mute Challenge at Her Concert

Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour birthday concert in Los Angeles brought out a horde of celebrities, including Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet in their first public event as a couple. It also got Tom Holland and Zendaya out, resulting in some fun new footage of them together.

Both were dressed fabulously: Zendaya in particular decked out in a chic silver blazer, crop top, and skirt with giant hoop earrings. Beyoncé requested attendees to wear the metallic chrome hue to celebrate her birthday and Virgo season.

But perhaps the best moment that night was captured by concert goer Toshe Phillips’ TikTok which featured Zendaya and Tom during Beyoncé’s mute challenge. They did it perfectly.

“LA night 3 did not come to play. Also got video bombed by the cutest couple 😍” Phillips wrote.

Zendaya recently spoke to ELLE about handling increased attention as she has become more famous.

When asked whether it is easier to accept interest in her and Tom because fans love them together, Zendaya responded, “Parts of my life, I accept, are going to be public. I can’t not be a person and live my life and love the person I love. But also, I do have control over what I choose to share. It’s about protecting the peace and letting things be your own but also not being afraid to exist. You can’t hide. That’s not fun, either. I am navigating it more than ever now.”

She revealed that in March 2022, she noticed the level of public interest in her shift. “After the last Spider-Man and the last season of Euphoria, there was a visceral change,” she said. “Before, I could get away with going places and getting in and out. But in Boston [last spring], I would end up going right back home, because it was really overstimulating. Everybody would go hang out at a bar or something, and I’d be like, ‘I’d love to, but I think I could ruin everybody’s night. Because it’s just not going to be fun once I’m there.’”

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