Zanilia Zhao's cryptic post sparks rumours of new drama issues

18 Nov – Zanilia Zhao gets fans speculating recently after she posted a cryptic message about original vs adaptation on social media.

As reported on ET Today, the actress, who is gearing up for her new drama after a year of hiatus, recently posted a meme showing a freshly made hamburger with the word "original" written on it, with a squashed looking burger next to it bearing the word "adaptation".

Although she did not elaborate more about the post, fans began speculating that it may have something to do with her said new drama, "Legend of Fei".

Some guessed that Zanilia must have been displeased with the changes made to the original script, as it was rumoured that there have been scenes added for the second lead character, played by Zhang Huiwen.

It was also rumoured that the production is also adding romantic scenes involving the leading man (Wang Yibo) and the third female lead, played by idol singer, Zhou Jieqiong, despite the fact that such a scene was non-existent in the original.

None of these rumours have been verified, although Zanilia's fans are now getting annoyed with the production for supposedly disrespecting their favourite star.

(Photo Source: ET Today)