Zanilia Zhao says she and Lin Gengxin are just friends

28 May - Although the date 25 May had many people in China sharing photos of themselves on social media to express "I love myself", Zanilia Zhao decided to use the day to address rumours of romance with Lin Gengxin.

On that date, the actress posted a Polaroid picture of her and Lin, and wrote jokingly, "I also have a [cool] picture of a good friend who is rarely seen together but will lead to a fight. Brother Gou deserves to be punished again."

To further stressed their friendship, her studio reposted the said photo and wrote, "Boss has made many good friends on set over the years. Good friends are created together and the friendship is pure."

It is noted that Zanilia, who was previously married to Feng Shaofeng, was romantically linked to Lin yet again when she was reunited with the actor in the drama, "The Legend of Shen Li".

Just old and good buddies
Just old and good buddies

(Photo Source: NetEase)