Zanilia Zhao: Lin Gengxin is a really shy man!

23 Jun - He may be playing the cold and observant fourth master Yuwen Yue in "Princess Agents", but according to Lin Gengxin's co-star, Zanilia Zhao, the actor is actually really shy and easily embarrassed in real life.

As reported on Tencent, the actress shared her experience of working with Lin during an interview recently, saying that while their kissing and romantic scenes seemed passionate, the actor would actually shy away from her as soon as the camera stopped rolling.

His real feeling can actually be spotted in many of their scenes together. In the first episode alone, it was clear that even as he tried to look passionate during one of the seductive scenes with Zanilia, his reddened ear gave him away.

The same can also be seen in another scene where Zanilia and Lin spoke to each other on the bed. His ears went red as he gazed upon the actress, who was covering herself with a blanket.

On the other hand, fans shared that the actor wasn't just embarrassed while he was with her during filming, as recently proven through a blooper video. In it, the actor can be seen squirming and looking uncomfortable when the director tried to demonstrate to Zanilia how she should be undressing him in one of the scenes.

In a past interview, Lin acknowledged how easily embarrassed he is, but added that he embraces his bashfulness and loves that part of him.