Yusuf Bahrin supports wife as Zizi Kirana goes through contractual conflict

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2 Nov – Yusuf Bahrin recently stated that he will continue to be supportive of wife Zizi Kirana, who was accused of having breached her contract with a drama production.

The actor, who was asked about the issue recently, which stemmed from his wife's decision to start wearing hijab, stated that he would not interfere in the issue, but that he would continue to encourage the rapper to continue going towards the right path.

"As a husband, I resign myself to the challenges that God has given my wife and grateful that Zizi has been very strong in facing all these," he said.

Yusuf added that he is certainly going to be by Zizi's side as she goes through the process.

"She is a very resilient person. I am not as strong as her. Allah is the best planner, because He blessed me with such a patient and positive person like Zizi."

It was late last month that the producer and director of the drama, "Jamu Nesan", Datuk Rafiena claimed that the "Eh" singer failed to complete the remaining 30 percent of her scenes in the drama following her decision to wear a hijab.

In another interview, Zizi admitted that they failed to reach an agreement on the new date proposed by her camp, even though the production agreed to let her appear in the drama with her new image.

Yusuf and Zizi tied the knot back in September.

The couple wedded in September
The couple wedded in September

(Photo Source: Zizi Kirana Instagram)

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