Yummy Answers: Do these meatless options taste good?

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Every year on 22 April, we're reminded that Earth Day is the single day when an estimated one billion people, along with behemoth corporations and smaller companies, collectively redeem ourselves against the other 364 days of ceaseless consumption.

One of the key topics of recent years' sustainability focus is on what we put into our mouth. From plant-based food to meat alternative such as insects, the race to find more sustainable food sources has begun. The burden of feeding 7.8 billion people in the world — with a projected 9 billion by 2050 — is putting more pressure on food production all around the world.

Since habits are driving forces for change, how can we pivot from meat to lab-produced options? Today, there are more plant-based options out there that are not just widely available, but have also been elevated to gourmet status in restaurants and on food critics' plates. Perhaps taste could be a pivoting carrot for the masses. 

In today's Yummy Answer, we try out a couple of meatless options in a blind test to see which one appeals to the palate of plebeians like us. 

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