Yummy Answers: Are these food myths true?

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When we live with our parents, we are subjected to the rules under the household, even when it comes to the food we consume. Drink salt water from the husk of durians after eating durian! Certain food will make your skin fairer! Don't eat seafood if you have a wound! Don't eat this! Don't take that! 

Consider yourself blessed if you have heard at least one of those above from your mother, because the intention behind those words are usually kind and came from a place of love. 

Despite the well intentions, we want to find out if there are any merit to these advices, or are they simply old wives' tales. Enter Jaclyn Reutens, a nutritionist from Aptima Nutrition, to let us in on the potential science behind these myths. 

Full caveat: Most mothers are wonderful and wish for nothing else but the well-being of their children, even if the executions may not be perfect. 

Happy Mother's Day!

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