Yin Tao wins Best Actress at Magnolia Awards

21 Jun - Chinese actress Yin Tao couldn't help but tear up when she was announced as the winner of the Best Actress award at the Magnolia Awards Ceremony, held in conjunction with the 2017 Shanghai International Film and Television Festival.

As reported on Tencent, the actress, who won the award for the first time for her role in "Ji Mao Flies to the Sky", shared that she didn't expect to win at all since she was competing against other great actresses, including Ma Yili and Jiang Xin.

"I am really happy, because it was very unexpected. I never thought to win since the probability is very small," she said.

She is also happy to win alongside her male co-star Zhang Yi, who won Best Actor at the same event.

"I believe the judges were able to see the sincerity in our performance. I can't say that I played the role perfectly, but I did work hard for it," she said.

When asked how she chose her projects, Yin said that she would ensure that the project given to her fulfill her three criteria - a meaty role, a good leading man, and a great production team.

When mentioned that she has won the "Grand Slam", after winning the three biggest awards including the Feitian Awards and the Golden Eagle, Yin laughed and said, "I will continue to work hard. No matter how many awards you have, if you can't perform well, if your heart is not on the performance, you will not look good."

(Photo Source: eastday.com)