Yeung Chiu Hoi happy for reception of his character Chau Hau

16 Mar – Yeung Chiu Hoi is elated that viewers are singing praises for his performance as Chau Hau in "Forensic Heroes IV".

As reported on Mingpao, the actor who plays a middle-aged man with developmental disorder in the said series, stated that he decided to play the role his way as he also shared the same childlike quality with the character.

Asked if he is not afraid of being typecast, Yeng said that there are different ways of playing such a role.

"If there is a good script, I don't mind playing similar character. Actors do like these kind of roles as it means we could do more," he added.

When mentioned that many likened his performance to Roger Kwok's Ah Wong in "Life Made Simple", Yeung said that he wouldn't dare compare himself to Roger.

"When we think of such roles, we think of Roger as Ah Wong or Kent Cheng's Fei Mao. These are legendary performances. I am just happy to be in third place," he added.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)