Yes, the 2022 Ramadan bazaar by Laloolalang will be held IRL; 5 stalls confirmed

This is not a drill. I repeat, Laloolalang will be holding a physical Ramadan bazaar this year at Kampong Gelam. At long last. It’s definitely been a while since we’ve indulged in some sinful street food and filled our camera rolls with photos of twinkling lights and trendy snacks.

Started by local actress Huda Ali, Laloolalang has brought in a host of vendors offering everything everyone could need to celebrate Hari Raya. The theme for this year’s bazaar hasn’t been announced yet, and neither have the full list of vendors been disclosed, but I’m sure all of us are wiggling in our seats with excitement right now.

a photo of churros
Credit – Chulop!

The first of five confirmed vendors is Chulop!. Remember their adorable Squid Game themed advert? Make sure you get your hands on their crispy and soft churros during the bazaar, and don’t forget to double up on that decadent chocolate sauce.

a photo of buns
Credit – Boms & Buns

Laloolalang has also confirmed that Boms & Buns will be making an appearance this year. Helmed by the folks behind Chulop!, fans of all things sweet can indulge in a post-Buka snack of soft choux buns and fragrant cinnamon rolls.

a photo of milk teas
Credit – Broti

Come on, if you don’t get Broti at the Ramadan bazaar, did you really go? Wash down your feast with their selection of drinks of milk teas and more. They even come in 1-litre cups, perfect for sharing with your family, and better for keeping yourself refreshed after getting through all the humid weather we’ve been having lately.

a photo of hotdogs
Credit – KREAM

If savoury is more your speed, then KREAM will be perfect. Started by local celebrity Ikah Jamil, their coney dogs are loaded with flavours such as mentaiko, rendang, cheese, and more. Make sure you go hungry, because the options will be so tantalising, it won’t be possible to just stop at one!

a photo of steak
Credit – T Bob’s Corner

Last but certainly not the least, we’ve got T Bob’s Corner Steakhouse making an appearance. Folks at Laloolalang really are making sure we have the best time, aren’t they? Feast upon hearty platters of ribs, lamb, steak, and more!

Ah, I can’t wait.

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