Yeo Jin Goo believes in finishing every scrap of food on his plate for an easier after-life

Sheila Chiang
·Lifestyle contributor
Hotel Del Luna star Yeo Jin Goo met with media and fans at the media conference in Singapore. (PHOTO: tvN)
Hotel Del Luna star Yeo Jin Goo met with media and fans at the media conference in Singapore. (PHOTO: tvN)

SINGAPORE – The actor was at The Capitol Kempinski Hotel on Monday (25 Sep) to meet the media and fans and promote his latest drama Hotel del Luna that has received raving support and reviews from K-drama fans alike.

Yeo Jin Goo acts as the manager Ku Chan Sung of Hotel del Luna in the supernatural drama, where the hotel is reserved exclusively for ghosts. In the drama, he has had gruesome encounters with different ghosts and even romance with Jang Man Wol, played by IU. Ku Chan Sung, with the help of Jang Man Wol, would help ghosts with their unfinished business.


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Constantly flashing his wide smile and giggling through the press conference, he reminded us of the young boy who started acting since he was 8 years old. Now 22 years old, he has been getting a steady stream of lead roles and within this year alone, he has released three dramas, his most successful year up to date.

He was last here in Singapore two years ago for a tvN movie launch and he remembered being at Clarke Quay and “having lots of fun and making great memories there”. This time he would like to visit it again but of course, he is “open to exploring other places in Singapore so please keep your recommendations coming.”

For the filming of Hotel del Luna, how did he prepare for his role?

“Before taking on this role as Ku Chan Sung in Hotel del Luna, I wasn't particularly interested in working as a hotelier and have never really given it a serious thought. But after I received the script and seriously pondered about how I would prepare for the role, I tried to look back on those times when I was younger and the stays I had in different hotels across the world as an actor. I tried to recall the moments where I saw the hotel staff go about preparing for their day to serve the guests in the hotel and I must say, it is a really tough job.” said Yeo Jin Goo to Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore.

On whether he is afraid of ghosts in real life, he said that he is “not exactly afraid of ghosts or supernatural in real life” but he gets “frightened by even tiny bugs that creep out of nowhere”.

According to Yeo Jin Goo, he does believe in after-life and not leaving food on his plate in order to have an easier after-life.

“There is a saying in Korea that if you waste food, after you pass away, you might have to finish all those food that you left behind. So yes, I do believe in after-life and of course, I try not to waste any food”.

The air got more lighthearted when he was asked to act out three different scenarios in 15 seconds, having everyone doubling over with laughter at his comedic facial expressions.

He acted a look of dumbfounded surprise when he was asked to imagine Man Wol standing in front of him in Singapore, a look of pain when he heard that Man Wol bought an overpriced luxurious yacht and turning into a chummy salesman when asked to sell the yacht at three times its price.

Lucky fans came bearing gifts for their beloved actor, Yeo Jin Goo. (PHOTO: tvN)
Lucky fans came bearing gifts for their beloved actor, Yeo Jin Goo. (PHOTO: tvN)

He added: “The drama’s ending isn’t exactly a happy one and I remember crying so much after filming the last scene. The same went for all my co-stars.”

Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore caught up with him after the media conference to understand how similar or different he is from his character in Hotel del Luna, how Hotel del Luna has taught him how to be more self-sacrificial and how he would be curious about their life story when he meets a ghost.

Catch the finale episode of Hotel Del Luna on Oct 2. Hotel Del Luna airs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 9.45pm on tvN (StarHub Ch 824 and Singtel TV Ch 518/619).