Yang Zi slammed for "donating too much money"?

14 Feb – Yang Zi's camp has released a statement threatening legal action against the actress' slanderers.

As reported on HK01, the statement came following the massive online attacks against the "Go Go Squid!" actress, after netizens accused her of leaking photos of her and Sean Xiao from the set of their new series, "The Oath of Love" - saying that it was inappropriate for her to do so during these trying times.

In another ridiculous instance, netizens also bashed the actress for donating "too much money" to the Wuhan relief effort, after it was reported that Yang forked out RMB 500,000 - which is RMB 300,000 more than other artistes.

The netizens claimed that Yang's action is negatively impacting the image of other artistes who had come to an agreement to donate RMB 200,000 each.

Following these attacks, Yang's studio released a statement from their legal rep, which read, "During these tough times, we have no intention of occupying public social resources. But the escalation of rumours and abuses, which is even affecting the family, made it difficult for us to remain silent."

"In addition to the accountability of the infringing accounts that have been mentioned, we will continue to collect evidence and use legal weapons to defend our legitimate rights and interests," the statement added.

(Photo Source: HK01)