Yang’s Epok Epok brings $0.70 puffs & banana fritters to KINEX

On 16 Nov, Yang’s Epok Epok had a soft launch for their first branch at KINEX. I’m guessing it’s likely why they named it Chapter One by Yang’s

Yang's Epok Epok - KINEX stall

They planned to open this stall just this October but encountered some unforeseen circumstances which led to a delay. For their official opening, it is still in the works. Please keep an eye on their Instagram or Facebook for the announcement.

Their flagship store, also called The Epok2 Ganja, is located at Bedok Food Centre. It was started in 1993, the Kampong years, under Madam Yang Hassan. She used recipes from her grandmother, passed down from generation to generation. You’d be sure to get a more traditional tasting experience from them.

Now, both stalls are managed by second-generation siblings. The one in KINEX is under the management of the brother, Reza. 

Yang’s Epok Epok - epok epok

If you’re wondering what to expect, part of the menu is in the name. Epok-Epok is an iconic snack in Singapore. You could almost mistake it for a curry puff, as it’s similar in shape and concept. Yang’s Epok Epok sells theirs for S$0.70 a piece, available with fillings like curry potato and sardine

Yang’s Epok Epok - goreng pisang and satay

Also available at S$0.70 is their Goreng Pisang, fried banana fritters for those unfamiliar with this classic local treat. It’s not over for finger foods yet, as they also have Satay. It’s S$0.90 per stick and you can pick from mutton, chicken, beef and tripe

Yang’s Epok Epok - Mee Rebus

Also firmly in the wallet-friendly fare category are their Mee Rebus (S$4.50), Nasi Lemak (S$4), Bee Hoon Soto (S$5), Mee Soto (S$5), Soto Ayam (S$5).

If you’re craving some good old-fashioned Malay food, watch out for the grand opening of Yang’s Epok Epok.

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