Yammie Lam had wanted to return to acting?

16 Nov – Yammie Lam's close friend Yeung Man Lei (Mary) recently revealed that the actress had wanted to make a comeback in the film industry prior to her tragic death.

As reported on Mingpao, Yeung, who appeared at the memorial service to bid farewell to the actress, shared that she knew Yammie had always wanted to return to acting and make movies like before.

"We've talked a lot about life, and about her past dramas," she said.

Yeung added, "I hope that she will finally find her happiness in heaven. There will be no more bad people bullying her."

When asked when was the last time she saw Yammie, Yeung said that she went to visit the actress during the Lunar New Year.

"She was in a good shape at the time. She was still in a decent mood," she added.

Yeung said that it was really hard on her upon finding out about Yammie's death.

"A lot of people contacted me after her death made the news, including the Hong Kong Performing Arts Guild, [TVB Executive] Virginia Lok, and [actor-director] Tin Kai Man."

(Photo Source: On CC)