Xie Na admits to postpartum depression after second childbirth

4 Dec - Xie Na recently opened up about her bout with mental health issue, admitting that she suffered from postpartum depression after giving birth for the second time.

As reported on NetEase, the actress, who shared her experience in a variety show, shared that she fell into depression during the period despite never having experienced such an issue with her twins prior.

Admitting that she was unwilling to face the matter as she had always been an optimistic person, Xie Na stated that she found solace after recording the show "Welcome Back To Sound" and hearing other people's stories.

"I told my friends of my inner thoughts afterwards, and believe that by taking it all out, it will slowly get better," she said. "It is after doing so that I finally got out of my predicament."

Xie Na gave birth to her third child back in 2021, also a daughter, following the birth of her twin daughters in 2018. The TV host has been married to singer Jason Zhang since 2011.

Xie Na is married to singer Jason Zhang
Xie Na is married to singer Jason Zhang

(Photo Source: Xie Na Weibo)