Xian Lim denies being a demanding actor

Heidi Hsia

22 Jul – Xian Lim doesn't think that being inquisitive about his acting projects make him a demanding actor.

As reported on Push, the actor, who spoke about the notion that he has become more and more demanding when it comes to his projects, stated that an artiste should really ask questions.

"Is it demanding? I don't know what could be classed as demanding. But I don't see it in a negative light," he said.

Lim pointed out that as an artiste, one would always want a venue to express one's artistry and to be able to perform at one's best ability.

"I am a curious person. I will ask why my character would do the things he does, and his motivations. Yes, I ask those kind of things," he said.

He dismissed the idea that it was an attitude problem, as he doesn't think what he does as a negative behaviour.

(Photo Source: Xian Lim Instagram)