Xenia Chong laughs off romantic notion of dating William Chak

26 Feb – Xenia Chong couldn't help but laugh when the media tried to match her with William Chak, since the two are now partners in his new sake business, Nakama.

As reported on Mingpao, the model-actress who is currently single, admitted that the two have a lot of things in common but that they are just business partners who only meet when it concerns work.

"I am very serious and practical when it comes to work. A lot of showbiz work has been cancelled due to the pandemic, so I would like to put my focus on this business," she said.

Xenia's last known romance was with singer Steven Cheung, of whom she dated back in 2016.

In a previous interview, the model said that she is in no hurry to get married, and would rather rely on her own ability to make money.

(Photo Source: Xenia Chong Instagram)