Wuhan-born Crystal Liu hopes for miracle on topic of COVID-19

28 Feb – Crystal Liu recently admitted that she felt saddened and concerned for those who are battling the Coronavirus, admitting that the topic felt heavy being someone who also hails from the said Hubei capital herself.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress who sat down with The Hollywood Reporter recently, stated that she is lucky that none of her close friends or relatives were personally impacted by the virus, but that it still troubled her to think about the current situation in China and the world at large.

"People are doing the right thing. They are being careful for themselves and others. I'm so touched actually to see how they haven't been out for weeks," she said.

Crystal also expressed hope that a miracle will soon happen and that "this will just be over soon."

It is noted that the actress lived in Wuhan until she was ten before she and her mother moved to New York City. She returned to China in 2002 to pursue an acting career.

(Photo Source: Harper's Bazaar China Instagram)