Wu Jing's "Wolf Warriors" wins big at Huading Awards

Heidi Hsia

8 Sep - Wu Jing's directorial debut, "Wolf Warriors" has emerged the biggest winner at this year's 20th Huading Awards, which was held in Hong Kong.

As reported on HK01, the movie, which tells the story about a marksman who was recruited into a special forces unit called War Wolf, bagged five awards including Best Screenplay, Best Action Choreographer and Best Producer.

Wu himself won Best New Director, and was happy to win it since the movie had taken him seven years to plan. He even almost lost all the precious moments of his son's first two years because of it.

"[Winning the award] makes the hardship of making this movie and the energy spent on working on it all worth it," said Wu.

The winners are as follows:

Best Film: "Mr. Six"
Best Director: Guan Hu ("Mr. Six")

Best Actor: Chen Jianbin ("A Fool")
Best Actress: Song Jia ("The Master")

Best Supporting Actor: Max Zhang ("SPL 2")
Best Supporting Actress: Li Yuan ("Go Away, Mr Tumor")

Best Screenplay: "Wolf Warriors"
Best Action Choreography: Nicky Li Chung Chi ("Wolf Warriors")

Best New Artist: Liu Haoran ("Detective Chinatown")
Best New Director: Wu Jing ("Wolf Warriors")

Best Producer: Lei Jianmin ("Wolf Warriors"), Liu Hongtao ("Go Away, Mr Tumor"), Song Xianqing ("A Fool")
Best Film Production Company: Huayi Brothers

Highest Survey Satisfaction: "Wolf Warriors"
Lifetime Achievement Award: Wu Ma