Wu Chun proud of daughter's achievement in school

12 Jul – Taiwan-based Brunei singer Wu Chun is one proud father as he showed off his daughter Nei Nei's school transcript on social media to prove she is doing well in school.

As reported on Epoch Times, the singer who took to Weibo to share the good news, revealed that he is proud of his seven-year-old daughter for doing well in school despite having missed several classes.

In the end-of-year report, it is stated that Nei Nei (real name Shayna Goh Shin Yi) is "working above expected levels for their year group".

Her teacher wrote, "Shayna enjoys learning Chinese and she has maintained her interest in learning the language throughout Term 2. She is an attentive listener who is able to understand the main points from a short spoken passage and she can give a short presentation in Chinese with support."

"Shayna engages well in all speaking activities and she has a good knowledge of a basic structure of Chinese characters. Her target for next year is to maintain her interest in learning the language and to speak more Chinese during lessons."

Although it is stated that Nei Nei only had 61.5 percent attendance, Wu Chun said that it was written in the report that the seven-year-old knew that she would lag behind and would always make an effort to catch up.

"I am particularly touched," he said.

Nei Nei attracted attention last year when she joined her dad and younger brother in the reality show, "Where Are We Going, Dad?"

(Photo Source: Oriental Daily)