World's first film entirely about yakiniku is exactly what meat-lovers need

Three Japanese directors teamed up to create a movie that is entirely about barbecue meat. (Photo: Getty Images/Bloomberg)

When it comes to meat dishes, what is better than yakiniku, otherwise known as barbecue meat? In Japan, yakiniku is the go-to food during special occasions or events — it is associated with nothing but good and fun times.

Which is why it’s not surprising that a yakiniku-themed movie titled “The Meat is Burning” will soon hit the silver screen. Voice actress Keiko Watanabe, known for her role as Momoko Suou in video game “The Idolmaster: Million Live”, will be the narrator for this unprecedented movie. The movie will feature no characters, except scrumptious and juicy meat.

Behind this meat-only movie are three directors: Shunsuke Sako (known for the movie “Wrestling Cannonball 2014”), Tomotaka Misawa and Kazuki Ohfuka. They had lamented that there is no movie with delicious-looking meat, and decided to make one themselves.

The teaser trailer for the movie tells us that the world consumes a stunning 253 million tonnes of meat annually. The film is marketed as the world’s first yakiniku movie.

The trailer goes on to depict succulent pieces of meat roasting on grills, coupled with sayings from famous people, such as “There is no sincerer love than the love of food,” by playwright Bernard Shaw.

The movie is filmed in 4K resolution and in super slow motion to present never-seen-before mouth-watering footage. The release date has yet to be announced, so we can only wait while our stomachs growl away looking at these tasty-looking hunks of meat.

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