Work-life balance, slower pace: Why Rachel Wan and Edwin Goh moved to Sydney

The Singapore celebrities opened up about 'not fully living' in the country, and questioned 'the point of hustling so much'.

Local actress Rachel Wan said her move to Sydney came about after losing her dad and one of her best friends in a span of two months. (Photo: Instagram/iamrachelwan)
Local actress Rachel Wan said her move to Sydney came about after losing her dad and one of her best friends in a span of two months. (Photo: Instagram/iamrachelwan)

The grind in Singapore isn’t for everyone, and for those seeking greener (and quieter) pastures, it seems like Australia’s the place.

At least for celebrity couple Edwin Goh and Rachel Wan.

Since making the surprise announcement that they were moving to Sydney a month ago, they have remained silent on their reason for doing so.

That was until their latest YouTube video, uploaded on Sunday (30 July), where Wan shared a few more details about her personal life.

Both Goh, 29, and Wan, 27, said that as established professional actors in Singapore, they had a “comfortable life” here.

But though they “weren’t dying”, they “were not fully living” either.

“Singapore’s fast-paced lifestyle really kind of burnt me out,” Wan said.

She added, “And I lost my dad and one of my best friends in a span of two months and that really opened my eyes to how I’m spending my time on Earth.

What’s the point of hustling so much if there’s no balance to it? So I felt like I had to get out of that fast-paced environment and just breathe a little.Rachel Wan

As for why they chose Australia, the couple cited “cooler weather”, “a balance of city and nature” and “great coffee” as some of the reasons.

Of course, there’s also the “slower pace of life” and “better work-life balance”.

Goh shared, “We met some Australians, and they said if they end work at five, by five o’clock, there really wouldn’t be anyone in the office.

“And if you stay past that, people will come up to you and ask ‘Are you okay?’”

Wan also shared that Sydney's "diversity and vibrancy" also factored into their decision to move, with their video including clips of a mural of a gay couple, pride flags on buildings and signs against racism.

Have at least $5,000 in your bank

Both Goh and Wan also explained how one could go on the same journey as them.

The couple are on Australia’s work and holiday visa which allows them to legally work for up to a year.

According to Goh, you also need to provide proof that you have at least $5,000 in your bank account “to show that you can take care of yourself while you’re here”.

This visa is renewable, for up to two additional times, allowing you to stay there for a total of three years.

And while you’re allowed to do any kind of work, should you want to be eligible for a visa renewal, you need to have done specific jobs for a specific duration.

The second renewal requires a duration of 88 days while the third renewal requires six months.

Some suggestions were provided, such as fishing and tree farming, with the couple pointing out that farm fruit picking “pays rather well”.

They also shared the cost involved so far:

  • Visa: $571.20

  • Medical screening: $213.80

  • One-way flight ticket: $552.60

You won’t starve there

As for what they’ll be doing to support themselves financially over in Sydney, Wan replied to a commenter on Instagram that they’ll be updating more on future vlogs.

A response on their YouTube video to a similar question also read, “There are tons of opportunities here to earn a living with a huge variety of jobs and industries that are beginner friendly too.

“As long as you speak English and are willing to learn, you won’t starve here.”

Wan said, “It wasn’t easy saying goodbye to all our friends and families in Singapore.”

Goh added, “It’s really emotional at the start… Thankfully, everyone around me, they’re so supportive. It is nerve-wrecking, I must say, but we are taking a leap of faith.”

“And life is short. You got to make the big decisions now,” Wan concluded.

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