Woo Ji Cooked Food sells $2 laksa and prawn noodles, opens for only 3 hours a day

Let’s be real. “Cheap” is probably the last word that comes to mind when we talk about eating out in Singapore. What’s the word worth anyway?

I think we can all agree that a S$2 meal qualifies as cheap. You might be in disbelief about the prospect of paying for a full meal with a singular purple note but that’s exactly what you can do at Woo Ji Cooked Food.

Woo Ji Cooked Food - Stallfront

Situated in Chinatown Complex Food Centre, Woo Ji Cooked Food serves up comforting bowls of laksa and prawn noodles from just S$2.

Woo Ji Cooked Food - Prices

These bowls come in SmallMedium and Large sizes and are priced at S$2S$3 and S$4 respectively, across the board.

According to a Straits Times article, the prices at Woo Ji haven’t changed in more than 15 years to keep the fare affordable for less well-to-do patrons, despite price hikes and GST increases.

Woo Ji Cooked Food - Laksa

Nonetheless, cheap doesn’t mean lacklustre, so don’t underestimate their food. The Laksa comes packed with ingredients, including taupok, green chilli yong tau foo, fried fishball, and 2 pieces of their crispy fried wantons!

The gravy has been deemed super shiok by numerous online reviews. It’s tasty but not too lemak, packing a punch owing to the chilli paste.

Woo Ji Cooked Food - Prawn Noodles

The typical train of thought goes: seafood equals expensive. That’s not the case for Woo Ji’s Prawn Noodles.

While you shouldn’t expect to receive full-sized king prawns, each bowl comes with a decent serving of prawns alongside slices of fried fishcakes and lean pork.

These bowls make for an easy comfort food fix; I can imagine slurping up the yellow noodles and savouring the sweet, mellow broth on a chilly morning.

The early bird catches the worm at Woo Ji as the stall opens at 6am and closes by 9.15am. If you want a share of their cheap noodles, be sure to be there early!

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