Wondering where Alexandre Nardoni from A Life Too Short: The Isabella Nardoni Case is now?

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The latest true crime Netflix documentary, A Life Too Short: The Isabella Nardoni Case, digs deeper into what happened to Isabella the night she died in Brazil in 2008 (see a brief account here), making it one of the country's most infamous crimes.

At just five years old, the child was thrown through the window of Alexandre Alves Nardoni and Anna Carolina Jatobá's (her father and stepmother's) apartment in São Paulo. To learn more about the troubling incident, and witness the story told for the first time through the eyes of her mother and grandparents (building on narratives already formed by the public, media, and authorities) you'll have to give it a watch (if you haven't already).

But either way, with Alexandre heavily connected to the case, you'll likely have some burning questions about him, including where he is now.

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Who is Alexandre Nardoni?

As mentioned, Alexandre is the late Isabella's father and Anna Carolina her stepmother (not to be confused with the name of her mother, Ana Carolina Oliveira). The couple also lived in the apartment in question with their two sons. In March 2008, the pair (29 and 24 at the time) were arrested and charged with Isabella's murder before being convicted of triple homicide and procedural fraud in a joint trial two years later, despite both claiming their innocence.

Alexandre was sentenced to 31 years, one month and 10 days in prison, while Anna was sentenced to 26 years and eight months.

Where is Alexandre Nardoni now?

Now 15 years later, A Life Too Short: The Isabella Nardoni Case, explores what the evidence for their guilt was, how the official investigation was carried out, and why the police ruled everything else out.

Since 2008, Alexandre (as well as Anna Carolina) remain in prison in Brazil today. They continue to deny they committed the crime, and maintain they are still together as a couple, according to the documentary. The film also states that since 2022, the couple has been granted 'special furloughs', including on Mother's Day and Father's Day. While it doesn't explain exactly what this means for them, furloughs may be granted for specific reasons like allowing a prisoner to go to court or the doctor, while a 'social' furlough can allow you to leave prison for personal reasons.

The Nardoni and Jatobá families (of Alexandre and Anna Carolina) refused to give an interview for the documentary.

A Life Too Short: The Isabella Nardoni Case is on Netflix now.

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