This Woman's Shower Doubles as a Diagram of the Female Anatomy

georgia o'keeffe with painting in desert, nm
Georgia O'Keeffe Would Love This Woman's ShowerTony Vaccaro - Getty Images

Well, it's a girl! Or at least, it looks like it could be a biological female. That's what Instagram user Kate Call, who goes by the username @latewithkate, insisted when she posted a reel to her page showing off the new stone slabs in her recently remodeled shower. Call didn't post the pics to brag about how beautiful and relaxing her walk-in shower is now looking—she did so because the pattern in the cut stone slabs looks a bit, well, anatomical.

In the video, Call wrote, "We had no idea our new stone slabs were going to be the 6th girl in our family," and panned over her bathroom to reveal the giant stone tiles sitting right above the shower bench. It's a shower gender reveal party! And boy, it really does look like Call brought Georgia O'Keeffe back to life so that the artist, who famously painted, um, flowers, could redesign her bathroom, installing a massive stone fertility symbol on the wall. If you're tempted to watch the video to judge for yourself what that is on the shower wall, we recommend not doing so at work or at least turning your brightness all the way down.

But even if you wait until you're in a safe space, you definitely SHOULD check out this post. Mainly because, if you thought the comments on regular viral posts are crazy, just wait until you read some of these. "Your wall has dilated to an 8, almost time to push," wrote one person. Another added, "I’m surprised you can even post this without blurring it 😂." We'll throw in another one of our favorites for good measure: "We all wouldn’t be here without one, make it a shrine," a commenter wrote.

Besides simply making jokes that have us giggling at our desks, other commenters are bringing up some good points: "This is why you make sure you have final slab approval and see the visualization of how it will be cut and placed," one person commented. Another wrote, "And this is why you put a woman on the install team 🙋🏼♀️😂." We've always been on the side of seeing visual mockups before committing, but we're definitely doubling down on that recommendation now.

Thankfully, Call seems to see the humor in the whole thing. She just doesn't necessarily want to live in an anatomical model forever. She did clarify in her caption that while they haven't switched out the slabs yet, she does plan on doing so at some point in time. We get it; some people want a gender-neutral nursery. She might just want a gender-neutral shower.

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