Woman claims to date Samantha Ko's boyfriend Tang Chi Wai

3 Jun – Amid rumours of breakup between Samantha Ko and musician Tang Chi Wai, a woman has recently come forward to reveal that she had been dating the latter since March last year.

As reported on Mingpao, the said woman who was approached by the media after Tang accused her of harassing him, stated that the two of them actually dated for ten months before their split in January this year - which meant that Tang had been cheating on Samantha, if rumours of romance between him and the TVB actress were to be believed.

She also revealed her text messages with Tang, which proved that the two were more than just friends and disproved the musician's claims that she was intimidating him.

The said woman added that Tang told her that there was nothing between him and Samantha, and that it was nothing more than just tabloid rumours. It was not until May 2019 when there were reports that Tang and Samantha were considering marriage that she realised that the musician had been lying to her.

As to how they broke up, she said that Tang called it off after she was insistent to know the nature of his relationship with the actress.

When mentioned that Tang is planning to report her to the police for criminal intimidation, she stated that he was being pre-emptive against her.

(Photo Source: Hk01)