Woman alledgedly finds squashed rat in Annabella Patisserie brownie delivery, bakery apologises

If you have a weak stomach and can’t handle reports of cockroaches and other pests being found in proximity of food, brace yourself for the following story and images. A woman recently allegedly found a dead squashed rat in a bag from local bakery Annabella Patisserie.

On 8 Nov 2023, the woman placed an order for Annabella Patisserie’s brownies via GrabFood. She received the brownies via doorstep delivery, with the delivery bag being hung on her gate, as per her request.

annabella patisserie - rat

When the woman opened the door, she was instantly hit by a “strong pungent smell” emanating from the delivery bag, which had been velcro-sealed. She took out the box of brownies from within the bag and noticed that there seemed to be something else inside it. When she carried the bag to her dining area, which was more well lit, she finally got a clear view of the foreign object within— a squashed rat.

The woman then shared her experience on Facebook on the same day, and included images of her graphic discovery. In the pictures, the flattened dead rat is stuck to the side of the cooler bag, with a brown substance caking parts of the bag.

Annabella Patisserie responds

Annabella Patisserie - CCTV

Annabella Patisserie left a comment on the woman’s post, in which they apologised for the experience and revealed that they had launched an investigation into their partner outlet at Nordcom II, where the brownies had been packed. They also included a clip of their CCTV footage, which showcased a staff member packing the brownies into the bag. In the clip, the rat cannot be seen in the bag.

According to the comment, the business had processed a full refund for the customer’s order.

Annabella Patisserie also addressed the situation in a post on their own Facebook page. They started out by apologising for the situation, and added that they had suspended all sales via their partner outlet at Nordcom II until the full investigation was completed. They are also reviewing and enhancing their quality control processes, and will be reinforcing training programmes for staff members to ensure that the situation does not happen again.

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