The Wolf of Boca Ration: Cole Goldberg

Amongst a rigorous environment of rising entrepreneurs, Cole Goldberg shines brighter than millions of students across the nation. His accomplishments are the steps in the direction of becoming the most well-renowned entrepreneur of South Florida. Goldberg's upcoming projects and discussions raise curiosity about what this next big thing will do for the community.

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Cold Goldberg's professional front

At the young age of 22 years, Goldberg has risen to the top. He is the CEO of Cabana beach and Woodmont day camp in Boca Raton, Florida. There was a demand for a safe space for children to spend their summer having fun and meeting friends. This opportunity motivated Cole to make connections and soon be known as the 'Wolf of Boca Raton.' People have recognized him in the younger community. That's why it has led Goldberg to make tremendous strides in Boca Raton and all of Florida.

Goldberg walking down the memory lane

Cole states that before becoming the CEO of Cabana beach, he used to play football at the Florida Atlantic University. With hard work and ambition, Cole finished his education at Florida State. His leadership did not just carry from his business but onto his fraternity, Theta Chi, as he took on the role of mentoring the new generation of recruited pledges. The bond that Goldberg has built in Tallahassee, Florida, has given him the respect he receives today.

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Cole's opinion on business management

Goldberg believes that the success of a business depends on how well its people work. As a consumer, Cole says that if a business provides inadequate service, he will abandon it. On the contrary, if Goldberg loves a company, it is because of the service that the company renders. He mentions an example of Starbucks, wherein Cole says that the services it renders are better than the actual product.

Cole's vision for the future

Goldberg mentions that in a few years, he envisions operating a successful sports agency. He also believes that for a good business, good management is crucial and magical. Cole hopes to earn the magic soon.