Win $100 worth of dining vouchers by eating hot wings at 1-hour contest on 28 Apr 2023 hosted by Salt Fried Chicken Singapore

Warriors, prepare for your spiciest battle yet! Set aside 1 hour from 12pm to 1pm to participate in a Hot Wings Eating Contest engaged by Salt. The one-day event will be held on 28 Apr 2023 at Basement 1 Central Food Court at Cross Street Exchange.

This competition, which will commence at 12.30pm, is free of charge. It’s part of an event with Smart City Eats where the winner will walk away with dining vouchers worth S$100! 

salt sg - contest
Credit – Salt

Salt has 2 branches with main offerings surrounding the poultry, chicken. Think of a range of perfectly golden fried chicken with original and Korean flavours, to sous vide chicken served with carbohydrates like fried rice and pastas. 

Unfortunately, slots for the competition are extremely limited as only 20 successful applicants will be qualified for the contest. Those who are confident in eating spicy foods and are interested may use this link to secure your place

Otherwise, participants may also choose to walk in to stand a chance at entering the competition. Since only 20 total slots are available, I would highly recommend those who have eyes set on the prize to sign up now. 

As part of every contest, there are rules to the game. Each participant will be served 10 chicken wings doused in Korean hot sauce. Once the contest starts, they’ll have to start chowing on the wings and place the bones back in the container. The timer will stop once the competitor finishes the last bone and opens their mouth to verify that it’s all consumed.

In the event of a tiebreaker, the total consumed weight of the wings will be the tiebreaker. Note that if the judges determine that the wings were not consumed to the bone (i.e. there is flesh left), a penalty of 10 seconds will be added to the finish time.

Salt - chicken
Credit – Salt

Another very specific clause also states that stripping the bones of meat first and eating the meat at one time will not be permitted. 

A last word of advice — pace yourselves. Any sight of vomit or regurgitation during the competition or during the time period the wing count is being tallied will disqualify the contestant. 

All that is left to say now is — best of luck (or sheer determination)! 

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