William So says Edmond Leung will fulfill community service

16 Apr - Hong Kong singer William So recently assured that everything is going well with the preparation of his upcoming Macau concert with Edmond Leung despite the latter's recent DUI.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer who spoke about the show at a brand event recently, shared that Edmond is taking the issue in stride and making sure that he will not violate any terms concerning his recent DUI sentence.

"We will carefully deal with the court order and I hope that he will be able to fulfill his responsibilities. We will discuss more on what to do, but we will not overstep the boundary," he said.

When asked about Edmond's current situation, William stated that the singer is not in a very good mood, though stressed that Edmond understood that it was his fault to begin with.

"He will fulfill his community service responsibilities properly," he assured.

Earlier this month, Edmond was ordered by the court to perform 160 hours of community service, aside from a HKD 1,000 fine and two-year suspension of his driving license. The decision was made after he pleaded guilty to a count of careless driving and DUI following a car accident that occurred on 23 January.

(Photo source: ST Headline)