Whisky Live S’pore 2022 is back & we have a promo code; perfect for a boozy weekend on 19 & 20 Nov

Prep yourselves for Singapore’s largest whisky hall to date at Whisky Live Singapore 2022!

This year, Whisky Live marks its return after being on a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic. Held at Andaz Singapore, the event will be on 19 & 20 Nov 2022. Get ready for a long weekend of booze, more booze, and more booze! Just kidding, please exercise responsible drinking.

P.S. readers can enjoy a special S$30 off for the event pass. Keep scrolling to find the promo code!

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Credit – Whisky Live

Now that we’ve made things clear, grab your drinks as we throttle ahead with the exploration of a unique spread of luxurious whisky, rum, and spirits. After being away for a while, they are now back to spoil with three separate expansive alcoholic areas: the Whisky Hall, Rum Gallery, and Spirits Avenue.

Whisky Live does not exaggerate when they say that they are back bigger and better than ever. They’ve prepared an array of unlimited tastings of over 300 expressions, with brands from all over the world meeting at this event. Whether it is to teach others about the origin of alcohol, the mixing of a cocktail, or having a bunch of laughs over drinks, this is definitely an event for avid drinkers.

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Credit – Whisky Live

To be part of this, The Connoisseur’s Pass is priced at S$150 for access on Saturday and S$130 on Sunday. It ensures unlimited tastings, free masterclass registration, 10% off at La Boutique, which sells the finest alcohol, and many other alcoholic perks.

Life is too short to drink bad liquor, so they have given us a promotion code exclusive to our readers only. Here’s the S$30 off promo code: 53T4LU1.

Be sure to drop by each alcoholic experience as specific booths will be sharing about their own distilleries. Perhaps, sharing a conversation over a drink’s fruity notes or its smoky, malty taste could make you have a larger appreciation with every sip you take.

Fun fact: Whiskies need to mature in barrels for at least three years. But don’t worry as there isn’t an expiry date. The more years spent in the barrel results in a more sophisticated taste. Smell and taste this whole experience, as you learn about the innovative ways in which these experts have adapted through the years.

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Credit – Whisky Live

Not only does Whisky Live have an amazing lineup of plans ahead, they also have Masterclasses conducted by professionals like Naoki Tomoyoshi to share about the world of spirits and the backdrop of it; delving into their top production secret tips and lovely expertise.

Await newest alcohol releases that are debuting at Whisky Live Singapore. You get access to gems like Port Charlotte SC:01, Compass Box’s Flaming Heart 7th Edition and Nikka Whisky’s 2022 Nikka Discovery release.

To finalise this whole experience, La Boutique, the largest pop-up bottle store will be offering an alcoholic spread that is usually unattainable within the reaches of Singapore. You no longer have to buy a ticket to Scotland or Ireland to attain a bottle of Redbreast Whisky or Aberfeldy.

Unwind with Whisky Live over drinks and check out Whisky Live’s site to see what exciting line-ups they’ve prepared for you! Grab your tickets before it runs wild.

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