This Western State Is Leading the 'Relocation Wave' in the U.S. — Here's Where Everyone Is Moving

"Should I move to Australia" is a frequent search.

<p>Courtesy of Giovanna Lambroia</p>

Courtesy of Giovanna Lambroia

Moving abroad is a thrilling proposition. I would know, I did it three years ago, emigrating from the United States to Portugal to pursue my PhD. And it appears I'm not alone in my desire to pick up and try something new. According to new research by the luggage shipping experts at, thousands of Americans are also searching for how to relocate abroad. But no one is searching this more than those living in one particular western state — Wyoming.

To find out which states are searching for moving abroad advice more than any other, the company analyzed all 50 states and territories in the U.S. based on the number of times per month each Googles a term related to moving abroad. The team explained in a statement provided to Travel + Leisure that the data includes 285 keywords, such as “best countries to move to,” “best European countries to live in,” “minimum wage by country 2024,” “should I move to Australia,” and “legal requirements to move to Portugal.”

The number of searches for each term was then tallied up for a total score for each state. The researchers then compared the number of searches to the population to calculate the number of searches per 100,000 people. After looking at all this data, the research showed that Wyoming is the state "most eager to relocate," with an average of 115 searches per 100,000 residents and an average of 672 searches per month.

"Among Wyoming's top search terms are 'best countries in the world,' 'best countries to live in,' 'countries that speak English,' 'best countries for Americans to move to,' and 'move to Canada from the USA,'" the findings stated.

<p>Courtesy of Giovanna Lambroia</p>

Courtesy of Giovanna Lambroia

“Wyoming has been ranked the 5th best place to live, according to a recent study. However, Wyomingites seem most eager to leave the state and settle elsewhere," Paul Stewart, the managing director of, said. As for why they want to move, it's anyone's guess, but as Stewart shared, “Americans leave the U.S. for a number of factors, including better job prospects, a lower cost of living, better quality of life, studying abroad, better healthcare, marriage and relationship, or just travel and adventure."

In a close second is Vermont, with an average of 725 monthly searches and 112 per 100,000 residents. "Vermont residents are searching for the following phrases: 'countries that speak English,' 'move to Canada from the USA,' 'how to move to Canada,' and 'best countries for Americans to move to,'" the findings added.

Joining these two states at the top of the list is Alaska in third with 101 searches per 100,000 residents and an average of 738 searches per month, followed by North Dakota, Hawaii, Montana, Rhode Island, Delaware, Oregon, and Colorado, rounding out the top 10.

As for who is happy staying stateside, the research noted that Mississippi is the state that is least interested in moving abroad, with just 50 searches per 100,000 residents.

"If you are considering moving elsewhere, it is important to consider several factors. Understanding your tax responsibilities in both the U.S. and your destination country is recommended, as depending on the destination, you may need to file taxes in both places," Stewart said. “Legal and immigration requirements are also important, as you need to determine what type of visa or residence permit you need and the process for obtaining long-term residency or citizenship if that’s your goal.”

Though if this all feels too overwhelming, there's always another proposition: just move to a new state. According to a May study by the storage company PODS, South Carolina and North Carolina are the top destinations for Americans who want to relocate to a new state, with Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and Wilmington, North Carolina, tied for first place as the most popular destinations. Warm weather, waterside spots, and happening cultural scenes? Sounds like a win-win to us without having to whip out our passports.

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