Wei Daxun pleads media not to harass his family over failed proposal rumour

5 May – Wei Daxun recently pleaded to the media to not harass his family, following rumours that he was rejected by actress Qin Lan.

As reported on NetEase, earlier this week, Hong Kong tabloids reported that the mainland star popped the question to his rumoured actress girlfriend, but that Qin supposedly refused him due to "lack of consensus on marriage".

It was further reported that the couple's relationship is at a state of impasse and may even break up.

Following the rumour, Wei took to Weibo on 4 May, writing, "Today, some so-called "media" and so-called "revealing" content have repeatedly caused malicious speculation and slander against my parents and family members. I hope you will show mercy to them, please."

Later that day, Wei's studio issued a statement on its official Weibo account, saying, "Recently, his private life has attracted many irrational concerns and a large number of false reports. Although he doesn't argue and just laughs off these rumours, he begs everyone "not to bring harm to the innocent, enough is enough. Thank you!"

Qin Lan has yet to respond to the rumours. It is noted that neither Wei nor Qin have ever admitted to the supposed relationship.

Sources claimed that the actor's parents want him to marry soon
Sources claimed that the actor's parents want him to marry soon

(Photo Source: Qin Lan IG, Wei Daxun IG, Netease News)