Your Weekly Horoscope for 25th February to 2nd March 2024


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Aries ( 21st March to 20th April ) : Mars will make you very confident but Saturn will demand you to remember about the chain of command at your work place. Show respect for the opinion of your seniors and the management, even if you disagree with some. If you are in business, expansion will be favored only if you pay proper attention to the opinions of your associates and clients. Some financial issues which you may have been going through for a while are not going to end so soon during this week. Some limits will be imposed on your love life around the mid of this week. Perhaps the impact of Venus will be asking you to do a little less exploring and a little more patient. This will be a good week to plan to go to alternative health treatment. Such treatments will give good results so go for it. This could be a favorable week for your studies and a good time to learn few new skills, as this may bring multiple opportunities for your growth in future.

Taurus ( 21st April to 21st May ) : The benevolent Jupiter indicates that good times really will get started for you on during this week. There are chances of promotion at your work place. You will have strong positive momentum, if you are doing business. So take time out to enjoy them thoroughly. During this phase, you may find additional income or the opportunity to have some passive income. However, Venus indicates that there will be some misunderstanding, doubts or insecurity in your love life. The best remedy to resolve the problems will be a meaningful communication. There can be some stress related health issues to face this week. If you continue to feel nervousness or low energy, you may need to undergo a medical examination and you must not ignore the rest. Your strong support system may help you to make good progress in your studies.

Gemini ( 22nd May to 21st June ) : The impact of North Node may bring some complex issues to face as the week begins. Go out of your way to try something new in order to get the solution. Your smart moves may help you gain positive results. Don’t expect a big amount of financial gains despite your hard work. It may require strict discipline and solid planning. However, Venus this week will bring harmonious impact on your love life. Now, you will be eager to express your emotions to the person you love and take it to the next level. This can be a good week for your health and fitness in general. As you will be more conscious about your eating discipline, you will face less problems. Your choice of subject will prove to be the right and it will direct you on the path of success in your studies.

Cancer ( 22nd June to 22nd July ) : You may be thinking about switching to a new work and may also have strong thirst for self-expression. Under the influence of Mars, do not rush to any conclusion in hurry. The latter part of the week will be good for taking any major decisions particularly if you are in business. Family members and friends may play an important role in getting into some new financial projects to boost your earnings. Your old investments will be profitable. Your curious and open mind will be your greatest asset during this week. When it comes to your soul mate or a new love interest. However, Mars will make you emotionally vulnerable around the mid-week. A good period for your academic career. This week may also promise to be beneficial for you if you are looking to get admission in good university abroad. Your health will be fantastic during the week. Vitality will be improved gradually with rigorous and regular exercises and also with a good diet plan.

Leo ( 23rd July to 22nd August ) : Saturn this week will require you to toil harder for success in your career. There will be turmoil at the workplace and your job profile may also get changed. At times, you shall not get any support from your seniors and business associates. Gradually, the impact of Mercury can help you fulfil your financial desires. With various opportunities for financial gains coming your way, it will be important to approach them carefully and with proper planning and analysis. Mars indicates that you will be in a hurry to get into romantic relationship which may prove to be a mistake. You must act with patience as wrong moves or hasty commitments can drag you in unnecessary problems. In the beginning, you will need to be aware of any distractions that could affect your learning or performance in studies, but by the end of this week, you will have some significant progress. Various types of physical activity will help you to remain fit and fine.

Virgo ( 23rd August to 22nd September ) : In the beginning of this week, Mars may make your work a bit challenging. There may be some lows initially during this week, but the mid part of this week will make you busier and more vivacious at work place. If you are doing business, you are in for some better times during the week. Here you will have to keep the needs of your family as your priority number one. You must ensure all the safety measures before entering any financial deals around the mid of this week. There are chances that you might go for re-kindling old, earlier severed relationship. However, North Node indicates that jealousy and intensity could make a romantic connection overwhelmingly difficult around the midweek. Appreciation for your hard work and laurels for the same are assured in your studies during this week. However, Mercury is going to frustrate you in the beginning. You can expect to have better energy level during this week. As the week begins due to some seasonal impact, uneasiness can be felt. But, you will be able to manage your health well enough.

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Libra ( 23rd September to 22nd October ) : Mercury will be bringing a favourable time for you on the career front and you are likely to make a mark with your efforts. Planetary movement here seems to present kind of mix results if you are doing business. It will be a smooth going for you and comfortable position in money matter. You may have ample of opportunity to upgrade your life style as there may be some good financial gains this week. There may be some stress and disturbances in your love life and relationship due to the impact of South Node. You will have to curb your ego while dealing with your beloved ones, if you want to avoid unnecessary clashes this time around. This week may require you to step up your efforts and prove your talents as there may be stiff resistance and competition to face in your studies. Your energy level and vitality will be good this week but you may have fluctuations in your energy levels.

Scorpio( 23rd October to 22nd November ) : You are likely to be motivated and work doubly hard to achieve your professional goals now thanks to the power of Mars. Stick to your area of competence. Make good use of this supportive time to enhance growth in your pursuit. Better financial position may prompt you to buy luxuries. Under the influence of North Node, refrain from speculating in shady schemes and risky offers. Your smart moves and healthy investments will surely bring good returns in future. Mercury indicates that wonderful conversations between you and your beloved ones are likely to make you feel happy this week. Make the most of it. Your smart and intelligent actions will make you able to make good progress in your studies. This week is favorable for research and development activities. Your strong resistance power and immune system may help you to maintain your health this week. Barring some minor seasonal problems your health may remain in good shape.

Sagittarius ( 23rd November to 21st December ) : Your ability to respond to the challenges may help you to negate the adversities during this week. The planetary forces seem beneficial for your growth and enhancement as the week progresses. If you are in business, you would be able to perform well amid problems. But, Saturn around the middle part of week will demand strict financial discipline. If you make the mistake of squandering your money, you are likely to face the results during the latter part of the week. Romance may be in full swing and may have strong intensity. If you are planning for higher studies abroad, Mercury is likely to get some good news during this week. you will remain in good mood as your fitness levels may help you to become more productive.

Capricorn ( 22nd December to 20th January ) : You may get some good opportunities for progress at your work place as the week begins. Business is likely to flourish this week, provided you don’t take mindless risks. You need to be careful about money matters in the beginning of this week. Refrain from borrowing or lending as the impact of North Node indicates a somewhat tricky time, so you may feel a cash crunch at this time if you take unnecessary risk. Mercury suggests that there may be conflicting views on some important relationship issue as the week begins. Both of you need to be on the same page while setting your priorities as a couple otherwise disagreement will lead to conflicts. This could be a good phase for you to get opportunities of overseas travel for higher education. You can expect to get good planetary favour but just make sure the expansion is in right direction. Your health shall remain good during this week. However, some old health issues may bother you at times.

Aquarius ( 21st January to 18th February ) : Hurdles may crop up during this week and affect your performance. But do not get deterred, be determined to move ahead. North Node indicates that you may get irritated by constant pressure by seniors. Try looking at the positives and bright side, as you may need to wait for a more favourable planetary influences. It will be a good time for buying a home, investment in land or vehicle, this week. There may be some delays during the first half of this week but you will get better support of planets during the latter part. The combined impact of Venus and Mars indicates wonderful time for your love life and relationship. There will be both romance and passion in personal life. Your good grasping power may make you able to manage to learn various subjects quickly. However, there will be distractions disturbing your concentration during the middle of this week which may bring a drop in your performance. Saturn may help you improve your health and fitness. Your energy level will also improve to quite an extent.

Pisces ( 19th February to 20th March ) : The week would start with a lot of positive energy and positive vibes but you may feel little low around the mid of this week, as Saturn will make you feel that the coordination or harmony with your boss and associates is not as good as it was before. For business people the period around the week end will be important as there will be some positive development in some of the pending matters. Your financial status will improve gradually; however, you may also require to make systematic investments to derive desired financial growth. This week is very much favourable for your academic development. Mercury will be favorable and will make your learning easier. You will be keen to improve your fitness levels now. It will have a significant positive impact on your energy level.

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