Your Weekly Horoscope for 19th March to 25th March 2023


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Aries ( 21st March to 20th April ) : Aries Individuals who are expecting to get married or expecting marriage and relationship proposal would be the best phase during this week. You might receive gifts from your partner. Else your partner may throw a surprise party for you during the week. There might be expenditure on pilgrimage and religious work due to the movement of the Sun and Jupiter. Your partner might suggest some tips regarding financial gains in terms of business. Mars and Rahu in your horoscope advise you to look after your health, especially your throat. Do not consume fatty food. The presence of the Sun and Rahu may cause tension and weaken your immune system. Your strong willpower will help you overcome obstacles in the upcoming week, according to Mars' movements, because it will give you the bravery and the necessary intellect.

Taurus ( 21st April to 21st May ) : You might have an opportunity this week to meet old friends or an old colleague. The movements of the Sun and Moon may give you the possibility to interact with higher authorities at your workplace. You could manage the overload of work by planning for the whole week. Under the influence of the Sun, you would form new friendships and contact new people both at the workplace and in the family during this week. You would receive a chance to visit a foreign country or travel long distances which would be work-related and also you would achieve success by adopting a creative outlook due to the movement of Venus. The transition of Jupiter and Rahu this week would give religion-related activities expenses. You would obtain good news because of your hard-working nature and determined attitude. This week positive news may arrive for people who want to get admitted to a foreign university for higher studies. There would be expenditures regarding career and business in a foreign place as you might be provided with such an opportunity by Rahu. You should initiate things in your relationship which would provide you with a positive outcome. You could move ahead if you want to propose to somebody you fancy. Examinations of students would show the expected results.

Gemini ( 22nd May to 21st June ) : Both the personal and professional fronts might gradually improve. This week, Saturn and the Sun might call for greater self-control and dedication. Rahu and Jupiter advised you against making any significant financial investments. You should avoid conflict and instead have an open and honest conversation, according to Rahu and Venus's movements. The movement of Mercury advises you to pay close attention to the calls and mail you receive at work. It is not a very good time to make significant changes in one's career. Those who are students in sports may have the chance to take advantage of some favourable opportunities. There is a possibility that some of you might be accepted into reputable and highly anticipated training programmes. Students have room for improvement in their abilities. Because you keep company with the wrong people, some of you might become easily distracted. This week, parents might be difficult to please. The movement of Mercury indicates that you should devote somewhat more time and energy to activities that are related to languages. Because of your ignorance, this week's movement of the Moon could cause unexpected problems with your health. This week may cause strain on the eyes as well as other health problems.

Cancer ( 22nd June to 22nd July ) : If you don't dwell too much on your failures in the past and instead begin working from scratch, you should find the success you're hoping for on your upcoming exam. Having an open and honest discussion with your parents might make things much simpler. Rahu and the Sun are known to bestow unexpected domestic and family labour responsibilities. Pregnant women also need to pay special attention to their relationships with their children. When travelling, it's possible that some of you might rack up unanticipated costs. Costs associated with acquiring new knowledge and enrolling in a post-secondary institution can add up. The health of your spouse may cause you to incur unanticipated costs due to the influence of Rahu and Venus. Money spent on religious activities this week that wasn't budgeted for. You should put off making any substantial changes to the family business this week. Jupiter has the power to win over higher-ups and grant one favour. This week, you should do some planning and research for upcoming business tasks and plans. In the legal field, Saturn is a potent ally. Employment mobility is possible. This week, focus on getting better at what you do and learning from your failures.

Leo ( 23rd July to 22nd August ) : The stars indicate that you should use caution when making significant investments and seek expert advice. There can be expenses on health. Wait till you get a signal from the stars to get your loan approved, as this week may not be a perfect time. Those who are in the wholesale business must try to work on a priority basis. Handle any email or work-related call with caution. Have in-depth information regarding your work or projects which you have taken into your hands. Unnecessary arguments can cause depression and stress. Father’s support and guidance, and self-study can give you desired outcome in your studies. Make sure that you do not indulge in any arguments while having a group discussion. The health of your spouse and children need to be taken care of this week. There can be different thoughts with your partner, which may result in disagreements, and as a result, it can give you stress. Be cautious during communications with your partner.

Virgo ( 23rd August to 22nd September ) : A student may enter the incorrect company or make the incorrect judgement as a result. Aggression is what got you into trouble. The father may be able to assist. Success in the workplace will result from a positive attitude. Do not make a hasty change of employment at this time. According to Mercury, this is a difficult time for businesses. There may be foreign proposals, but they require the advice of your elders or other experts with whom you are in contact. If you were having health issues, they will likely start to get better this week. Planetary transits indicate that you shouldn't overstress yourself with negative thoughts. Appreciate your partner for being in your life; this will make your marriage stronger. The course of love and passion will change. You can become emotionally cold in your relationships, which could lead to issues in them. Unexpected costs associated with long-distance travel and pilgrimages. Getting together with the mother's family and having a party can also result in unforeseen costs. There may be costs associated with paperwork or home-related issues.

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Libra ( 23rd September to 22nd October ) : During this week, you notice a slight lack of intimacy and love at your partner’s end. This might make you somewhat frustrated. You will be successful in monetary planning. You will receive good opportunities and there will be growth in income. Some disruptions, however, may slow down the pace of your progress as the week progresses. The professional sphere will face stiff competition. This week is going to be favourable and progressive for your education. The planets are likely to motivate you to take interest in other important courses which can also help you build your knowledge. Your resistance level will be good but, you may feel very much occupied and there can be some unknown stress on your mind. This might affect your energy level to an extent.

Scorpio( 23rd October to 22nd November ) : Your life will be filled with plenty of passion and romance. The beginning of the week may bring some distance or dissatisfaction, but as the week goes on, love affairs will become more passionate. People who are single may easily form romantic relationships. This week, your financial situation is in the stars' favour. Excellent financial growth is to be expected. Though there will be some obstacles, the money will come easily. This week might be a very good one for your career. Family and friends will be there to support you as you advance in your career. This time period offers you the opportunity to grow your company and your clientele. However, there will be fierce competition in your industry. It does not advance your academic career. Exam passing will require much more work, and there might be tough competition at every level. Your health may continue to improve this week. You'll be able to recover quickly, and you might even be able to stay healthy.

Sagittarius ( 23rd November to 21st December ) : This time period offers you the opportunity to grow your company and your clientele. However, there will be fierce competition in your industry. It does not advance your academic career. Exam passing will require much more work, and there might be tough competition at every level. Your health may continue to improve this week. You'll be able to recover quickly, and you might even be able to stay healthy. You will therefore put a lot of effort into your career, but you will need to have patience because there may be delays and challenges. For business people, this week's latter half will be better. You will succeed in your studies this week because the stars are in your favor. You'll be awarded a scholarship as a result of your strong grades. Your health sector will experience a positive impact from the stars. During the weekend, take care of your digestive system.

Capricorn ( 22nd December to 20th January ) : Your romantic life could be disturbed in some way. This week will be up and down for your romantic life. Your relationship should be in good shape as long as you can keep disagreements to a minimum this week. Your financial situation may remain stable this week as long as your income stays strong. Despite challenging financial circumstances, you might make progress. The planets will support you in maintaining your position despite busy work schedules. You might continue to be troubled by some complex issues. However, as the week goes on, you might experience some fruitful outcomes. It will be an excellent time for businesspeople. As the week gets started, you will be doing well in your studies, but for the majority of you, social obligations and your social life will take priority. It might somewhat impede your progress. Your health may continue to be generally good this week. Because you will largely avoid everything that can harm your health, you will be able to avoid any illnesses as well.

Aquarius ( 21st January to 18th February ) : This week, your top priorities might be your family and your neighbors. They might need to help you with some issues. It will be beneficial to meet up with friends during the week before the weekend to reduce stress. Your family and loved ones may have differing opinions on a number of financial issues. Being helpful and respecting opposing viewpoints are wise choices. Be patient and keep your eyes on your financial objectives. Your career development may continue to be favored by the week. Now is the time to take a chance to accelerate your growth. If you work in business, you might currently perform well in some crucial negotiations and presentations. You might experience concentration problems. Therefore, it might indicate a challenging period for your coursework and exams. You should experience success this week in matters pertaining to your fitness. Since you will be in good health, there won't be any significant problems for you to deal with.

Pisces ( 19th February to 20th March ) : Your love life might have a great week. You're likely to deepen your relationship this week thanks to the influence of the planets. This week, married couples might have a good time. You might need to develop a sound financial plan this week and implement it gradually and step-by-step. As the week goes on, it's likely to provide some positive outcomes for you. Your career may have some prospects for progress this week, and it may also provide you a chance to lessen some negative effects. If you are in business, luck may be on your side. You may have plenty of planetary support this week to get forward, but social obligations and your social life is likely to take priority. As a result, you may not give your studies the required attention. Your health may be in good hands this week. But psychological distress may seem to increase. Watch out for water-borne illnesses.

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