Your Weekly Horoscope for 19th February to 25th February 2023


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Aries ( 21st March to 20th April ) : This week, some of you may have an eagerness to meet your lover or long-term relationships may influence your relationships. Those who work in the jewellery and cosmetics industries will experience rapid financial success. There is a strong chance that your firm will bring in an increase or a big profit. If you were involved in a legal situation concerning your marital life, this week may provide some respite, but there is a possibility of a breakup. Eating oily food may create severe health-related issues that may raise your cholesterol level, diabetes, hypertension and other health problems. Add a clean and healthy diet to your lifestyle. Have your meal in time. Consume fresh fruits, vegetables and food products that are rich sources of calcium, protein, iron, magnesium and nuts which are good for health. Exercise, meditation and other physical activities help in maintaining your weight. A healthy lifestyle keeps your mind and soul happy, healthy and stress-free. During this week, you would enjoy good health. Though, future planning may make your week stressed and could affect your sleep cycle.

Taurus ( 21st April to 21st May ) : This week would turn out moderate for you, in general. It would be helpful to have a practical attitude and it may easily hand over the outcome that you desire. Saturn and Sun might be conveying a hint to stay away from legal matters and you should avoid any debate with your seniors. There may be a hectic schedule because you would have to travel unexpectedly. You could be successful in getting admission to a higher enterprise and maybe to a foreign university due to the movement of Jupiter and Rahu. You could achieve the expected results at the professional level as Venus would be prepared to offer full support. You could have financial support from a female person and also guidance from a female person. Success would be attained during this week by people who work in areas related to digital media and journalism. Extra effort and hard work would be needed to make things favourable for you this week. You would be able to perform excellently in an upcoming opportunity if you stay away from getting into depressing thoughts caused by previous mistakes.

Gemini ( 22nd May to 21st June ) : In terms of business and also to start a new project you might get a helping hand from Jupiter as the movements of Jupiter seem to be in your favour. You might get the expected result with your effort and hard work. There might be a chance in the workplace or those of you who want to change jobs might go ahead with the decision. You might face workload that might affect your health so you are advised to have a prior plan and work on a priority basis so that you might manage the workload without any kind of health issues or stress. This week you seem to get the support of luck. Your hard work and persistent effort might give success this week both on the personal and professional front. In terms of relationships, this week is going to be really good. You might get the chance to go for an outing and trip with your loved partner or with your spouse. Students might get success to get admission to their desired college. New skills as well as learning a foreign language might give new opportunities in your career. Everything seems to be positive this week for you.

Cancer ( 22nd June to 22nd July ) : Relationships with children require additional attention, and pregnant women should take extra precautions. You might start a hidden romance or receive a surprise invitation from a buddy. Avoid deciding in haste about a new relationship. Sun and Moon's motion advises you to pay close attention to your financial strategy. There may be unforeseen costs. Get some professional help to create an investment strategy since some of you might receive new business-related initiatives that might be advantageous in the long run. Rahu suggests avoiding significant changes in regard to financial problems. Jupiter and Rahu imply that you should be careful when filling out paperwork and that you shouldn't skip the verification step before submitting your projects to the office. Sun movement can give you a distinct perspective from your superior, which can cause ego conflicts. You must take a courteous stance. You should practise your expertise and pay attention to your health as well. Do not dwell on past blunders because doing so can harm your health and exam preparation. To perform at your best, you must work on your revision this week. Students in sports should take a rest so they can refuel and perform well for the next opportunity.

Leo ( 23rd July to 22nd August ) : The transit of Venus may provide success if you are working in a medical or research-related field and may also provide a fantastic opportunity to acquire wealth from foreign countries. A new project and assignment might be given to you to complete. This week's meeting with various persons or sales-related work may yield positive results. Business persons may get expected success. A positive attitude and proper planning can guarantee success. Take care of your health so that your studies are not affected. With the help of the Sun and Mars, you may yield positive outcomes in the government field. Success in the examination and admittance to the desired college is predicted due to the transit of the Moon and Mars. In terms of love & relationship, Venus can give a positive response, but the influence of Saturn can provide delays in your relationship. Some of you might get success in divorce-related processes.

Virgo ( 23rd August to 22nd September ) : This week's Moon movement advocated making advance plans and refraining from starting new initiatives before completing existing ones. You will gain new insights to do several chores at once due to Mercury's transit. If you don't express your proposal in the proper manner, disagreeing with senior authorities may cause stress. With the Sun and Venus having such a strong effect, patience and hard work will be needed. The stars foretell a communication breakdown in a romantic partnership, leading to potential disagreements between the lovebirds. a lack of emotional connection to the partner. There may be difficulties in the marriage. You won't be able to tell your partner how much you adore them. You won't be able to tell your partner how much you adore them. It's not a good week to lend your siblings and friends money. It won't be simple to come back. Spending will happen, but you'll also have healthy funds on hand. Gaining financial support from family members. Changes in the profession this week are possible. Interview selection and appreciation for your efforts Success in a profession can come through creative labour. Business and work travel will result in significant financial gains. Avoid arguments at all costs as they can harm your health. Due to stress and workload, there will be anxiety, which will make it difficult to sleep. It is therefore important to practise meditation.

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Libra ( 23rd September to 22nd October ) : Other commitments or responsibilities may not allow you to spend sufficient times with your beloved ones and that might cause some distance in your relationship. There are no short cuts to obtaining wealth as the planets demand more efforts this week. Make necessary financial arrangements for some unplanned expenses and stay secure. Your reputation and professional status get a boost. Influential people will favor you now. This week shows an extremely favorable phase for your education. Your performance will improve and hence now you will have an increased interest in your academic pursuits. planetary situations could make you susceptible to ailments. Planetary transits could cause unrest even though there are not any major malefic planetary influences in this period.

Scorpio( 23rd October to 22nd November ) : Until the middle of this week, your love will be affectionate. Your love will be filled with a lot of passion, as well as intense attraction and intimacy. You will be really expressive. Around the weekend, single people will make earnest attempts to form love relationships. The influence of the stars implies that money will flow freely this week. However, the favorable planetary aspects may inspire you to be ambitious and impetuous, which could lead to complications. This week's start is not promising from a professional standpoint. Just be patient for better days to come! During the later half of the week, the businessperson is well-positioned to address the challenges efficiently. This week will be fantastic for your study. Your efforts can benefit your personal abilities and reputation. Your performance can also please your parents. This week indicates a favorable time for your health. However, the interval will necessitate adequate rest and relaxation. Maintain your regular physical programme and a healthy diet.

Sagittarius ( 23rd November to 21st December ) : Your relationship with your spouse or partner will be fulfilling and devoid of any major issues. The supporting actions of your family members will contribute to this well-being. This week, you'll make money thanks to your sound money management and financial acumen. You would acquire income through a variety of sources and advance in growth. Your profession will develop gradually, therefore patience is a virtue if you want to reach the success you want. If you own a business, your profit margins may be under pressure from fierce competition. Your efforts to further your education won't be rewarded by the stars this week. As a result, you might have to work hard to achieve your goals. Your level of energy and fitness will be superb.

Capricorn ( 22nd December to 20th January ) : This week, the influence of the stars may help you create a deeper understanding with your loved ones, and the experiences you gather throughout this period might make you feel more effective in your relationship. This week will bring some ups and downs in your financial situation. The week-end time appears to be quite difficult, so you must use caution before making any judgments. The week may begin on a favorable note, but as it progresses, you will face intense competition and resistance at all levels of your work. Business owners may also face difficulties in obtaining desired possibilities for growth and profit. This may be a good week for your schooling. However, you may lose focus at times and so may not be able to take advantage of the favorable planetary influences as much as you could. This week's stars indicate that your health will be satisfactory. You are unlikely to experience any significant health issues as long as you are not currently suffering from any critical ailments.

Aquarius ( 21st January to 18th February ) : You'll be occupied taking care of your loved ones' and the elderly's requirements. You might also need to decide on some crucial family matters. Trust your instincts. The time has come to make progress. You're likely to experience a number of financial challenges. The strain of commitment will rise, and it will take a lot of work to see your ideas through to fruition. You might have significant career goals for this week. However, your ambitious objectives must be grounded in reality. If you run a business, this week can present an opportunity to finally catch up with some past customers. The stars suggest that you might be able to adequately prepare for your academic objectives. In this case, you would have to overcome your laziness in order to succeed. Your health would probably continue to be good this week. Through the end of this week, you'll have plenty of energy.

Pisces ( 19th February to 20th March ) : There may be some open and inquisitive conversations with your loved ones. In this circumstance, you may feel a great connection with your lover. You may be quite tender, sensitive, and intuitive when it comes to your loved ones. The favourable financial situation may improve your emotions, and this week you can enjoy most of life's joys. Once the work week begins, some new opportunities for professional progress can make you feel better. But you must continue to be watchful. Miscommunications with coworkers at the office might lead to tensions in the middle of the week. Due to a challenging circumstance, you may feel some aggravation with your studies at the beginning of this week. You may also encounter some frustration in your studies. You are likely to be nervous and may loose your patience easily. A time to be awake to your own capabilities and potential. The planets might remain in your support during the week. This week you may be driven towards your health and that might draw you towards doing exercises.

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