This weekend, catch these films that deal with uncommon romances

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This weekend, catch these films that deal with uncommon romances
This weekend, catch these films that deal with uncommon romances

20 Aug 2021: This weekend, catch these films that deal with uncommon romances

Boy and girl meet, fall in love, and start their ever after. Now, this is the most common trope seen in films, TV shows or web series. But there are also some outings like The Theory of Everything or say Natalie Portman-led Léon: The Professional, where we see unusual love stories, either one sided or mutual. Let's explore more such uncommon romances.

#1: 'All That Heaven Allows': Breaks the class distinction

Douglas Sirk helmed classic-romantic flick, All that Heaven Allows stepped beyond the usual class boundations, way back in 1955. It's about Cary Scott, a rich and affluent widow, who loves a gardener named Ron Kirby, whose social status is much lower than Cary's. Initially, she gets bogged down by people's opinion about their relationship, but in the end, she returns to him, her "home."

#2: 'Beauty and the Beast' speaks about love above physical attraction

A love story between a beautiful lady and a cold-hearted prince-turned-beast sounds interesting, right? Disney brought this to us in the form of Beauty and the Beast, a film that released in 2017. Though based on a fairytale, the Emma Watson-led movie does emphasize that love can go beyond physical attraction. In the end, though the prince turns back into his human form.

#3: 'Harold and Maude': How obsession with death results in romance

Harold and Maude broke all the molds of romance set by Hollywood. It showed a budding romance between Maude, 80, and a 20-year-old boy named Harold. The 1971 release showed how the two are connected to each other through their obsession with death. And, falling in love makes them explore the fresh concept of life. Maude dies, but not before pushing Harold to live!

#4: 'Her' reflects the atypical feelings of a man for AI

Before social media became a regular thing, Her showed how technology can control emotions of human beings. The 2013 film revolved around Theodore Twombly (Joaquin Phoenix), a shy, introverted writer, who falls in love with an AI named Samantha, voiced skilfully by Scarlett Johansson. In the end, when the AIs leave, Twombly finds connection again with a human, a woman named Amy.

#5: 'Wristcutter: A Love Story': Finding love and life after death

Wristcutter: A Love Story is a black comedy-drama that presents the idea of love after death. Zia kills himself and dives into an adventures of the afterlife. Having the capacity to spy on living people's world, Zia discovers that his ex has also killed herself. While going on a journey to find her, Zia sparks love with Mikal, and both later become alive.

#6: Kate Winslet-starrer 'The Reader' shows a beautiful age-gap relationship

Similar to Harold and Maude, Kate Winslet-starrer The Reader shows love between two people with a huge age gap. It is about a German lawyer, who as a 15-year-old, developed sexual relationship with a much older woman, Hanna Schmitz. Young Michael learns about the range of woman's emotions and their vulnerabilities through this liaison. Winslet won an Oscar, deserving every bit of it.

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