Watch the Game & Gear Up! 5 Selected Yokohama Sports Bars & Rugby Merch Shops

Watch the Game & Gear Up! 5 Selected Yokohama Sports Bars & Rugby Merch Shops
Watch the Game & Gear Up! 5 Selected Yokohama Sports Bars & Rugby Merch Shops

There are many people who can’t get enough of watching their favorite sports, such as baseball and soccer. And this year, the Rugby World Championships will be held in Japan!

Because this is the first time for this major event to be hosted in an Asian country, namely, at the sports stadium in Yokohama, it has become a pretty big deal.

Here we would like to introduce the perfect sports bars for watching sport matches in the Yokohama area, as well as sports shops where you can purchase items related to this event.

1. RUGBY DINER 7OATH'S: The Only Rugby Specialty Sports Bar in Yokohama

RUGBY DINER 7OATH'S is the only rugby-specialized sports bar in Yokohama, run by a former rugby player/head coach and his wife. While just recently opened in December 2017, rugby fans from all over the world now gather here whenever a game or event happens to come to town.

The balls and sportswear displayed all throughout the store are all rugby items! On game days, the shop opens in accordance with the game schedule. Not only are there TV monitors, but also projectors, so you can get into the game and enjoy the match from whichever seat you choose.

Many foreign countries have a certain tournament culture, with everyone drinking and cheering from the day before until the day of the event, all the way through the night, and sometimes straight through till morning of the following day.

"This culture has not yet fully caught on in Japan, so I want to provide this environment as just one of the ways where you can enjoy rugby and other sports as you eat and drink," says the master.

They have developed this public viewing space so that even those who cannot get tickets to the game can still enjoy watching it in their own way.

Beer is essential to watching a sports match! Here you will find a wide range of rare beers, gins, and wines, including craft beers from Rugby-powered Australia, some that you may have never even tried before!

CHESTER'S IPA, produced by Chester Williams, a South African rugby player, is a craft beer that raises funds for underprivileged children, to be pre-sold in this Japanese shop. Please make sure to enjoy the different kinds of craft beers if you happen to visit!

The shop also has a diverse lineup of food items, including dishes named after rugby terms. Some of their specialties are the delicious and satisfying homemade "Forward Burger” (beef or pork, 1,200 yen, tax not included), and the "Saikoro Steak" (1,600 yen, tax not included), made from New Zealand grass-fed beef.

In preparation for the World Cup, signs have also been made available in many other languages (such as Japanese, French, English, and South African English). In addition to a multilingual menu, there is also talk of plans to supply translation devices to every seat, making it easier for guests to talk about their favorite rugby game without stressing about the language barrier.

2-29 Bentendori, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Morifuji Building 3F
Open: 5:00PM~11:00PM
Regular Holidays: Sun, Mon
*On rugby game days, the game will be given priority

2. SPORTS BAR Shiba: A Powerful Sports Match Viewed with Specialty Equipment!

SPORTS BAR Shiba is a sports bar with an American casual atmosphere, and is only a short 2 minute walk away from Sakuragicho Station. In addition to sports viewing, they also have darts, Blu-ray, and karaoke facilities available. This is a great spot to have an after-party celebration!

With 10 LCD monitors in total, you can watch the game from any seat. Fully equipped with a large 140-inch 4K projector and BOSE acoustic speakers, there’s no better place to catch the match! Additionally, the inside of the store separates smoking and non-smoking area, and has a smoking room available.

The shop interior is decorated with natural materials, making it feel almost handmade. You can even enjoy the game by yourself with a few drinks at the counter seats.

There are craft beers available from all around the world, as well as a wide selection of snacks perfect for game time, such as fried chicken, French fries, and nuts!

2-59 Hanasakicho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken, 6F
Open: Mon~Thu: 4:00PM~2:00AM; Fri/Sat/Sun/National Holidays/Day before holidays: 4:00PM~3:00AM
Regular Holidays: None

3. Sports and Dart Bar Benoa: The Entire Venue Has Something to Enjoy!

Located a quick 5 minute walk from Yokohama Station along each train line, Sports Bar Benoa boasts the largest number of visitors in Yokohama, broadcasting all matches of the Rugby World Cup. With uniformed staff and proper lighting, you can enjoy cheering on your team from anywhere in the venue.

For sports viewing, there are five 150-inch TV screens. You’ll have a great view and great time from any seat in the shop. The food and drink menus are also satisfying, offering plenty of options to enjoy while watching the game.

Some recommendations of this shop are the "Yankee Stadium (1,680 yen, tax included)," a platter of three popular fried foods - French fries, onions rings, and fried chicken - and the “Yokohama! Assorted Meat Platter (4,290 yen, tax included)”, a delicious arrangement of pork, beef, and chicken. These options are ideal for large groups.

In addition, their drink lineup consists of a total of over 110 types of premium whiskeys, including 42 types of tequila and Japanese whiskey, so you can enjoy trying and comparing different staff recommendations! There is also a large number of cocktails and soft drinks, so this friendly shop can appeal to a wide range of guests, both young and old.

Private Party & Sports Darts Bar Benoa Yokohama West Exit
2-2-1 Kitasaiwai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken, 220-0004, Hamabowl EAS 7F
Open: Mon~Sun/Public Holidays/Day before holidays: 12:00PM~5:00AM (Food L.O. 4:00AM; Drink L.O. 4:30AM)
Regular Holidays: Fixed holidays (in accordance with Hamabowl EAS schedule, twice yearly)

4. Tokiwa Sports Passion Yokohama: Spectator Goods and Official Merch!

Tokiwa Sports Passion Yokohama Branch is a full-scale sports specialty store only 2 minutes away from the Yokohama Station on each train line by foot. They have a popular and extensive lineup of products and services suitable for each individual shopper.

There is a wide range of sports equipment, from running to training, baseball, soccer, basketball, swimming, skiing, and more, from 1F to 6F. Made-in-Japan items are particularly popular with tourists visiting from outside Japan.

There are also Rugby World Cup replica items, such as original uniforms and balls of the Japanese representative teams. There are even plans to bring in replicas of team uniforms from each other country. So put on a uniform, get ready to cheer, and enjoy the excitement of watching the game.

Official items from the Rugby World Cup 2019 are also on display! There is a large selection of pins, stationery, drawstring bags, and key chains. There are even some great, unique, Rugby World Cup souvenir items, such as key rings featuring characters like Doraemon, Astro Boy, and Rilakkuma sporting the national Japanese rugby uniform!

Tokiwa Sports Passion Yokohama Branch
6-22 Kinkocho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken
Open: Weekdays: 10:30AM~8:00PM; Weekends/Public Holidays: 10:00AM~8:00PM
Regular Holidays: None

5. Canterbury Shop: Watch and Wear! Established Rugby Brand

Canterbury Shop is a traditional rugby brand with origins in New Zealand, founded in 1904. The Minato Mirai branch is located in Yokohama, where the final match of the Rugby World Cup 2019 Japan Championships is to be held, right in the center of popular tourist attractions such as hotels, shopping malls, and event venues.

There is a wide lineup of items, ranging from lifestyle products for men, women, and children, to full-scale rugby goods.

Our special recommendation is Canterbury's standard 4-inch jersey, the "S/S 4-INCH STRIPE JERSEY" (8,424 yen, tax included). The original loop neckline is a durable design unique to the rugby brand. It is made with heavy-weight cotton, and has a wide range of uses.

There are two points to take note of here. The "S/S PERFORMANCE TEE" (6,264 yen, tax included) is a performance T-shirt made with Primaloft® technology, and supports a variety of activities. The fabric absorbs sweat quickly for maximum comfort, and is easy to wear and move around in.

The "S/S RUGGER POLO" (9,180 yen, tax included) is a rugby polo made with a moderately thick melange kanoko material. With a plaited reinforced stitching, rubber buttons, and a triple bartack hem slit, this gem is the essence of Canterbury's identity. The back of the collar uses accented dungaree material with a one of a kind style in the back.

There are a multitude of items that can be purchased as souvenirs including jersey shorts in different patterns and high moisture absorption Imabari brand hand and sports towels. Be sure to check them all out!

Written by Naho Jishikyu. English translation by Krys Suzuki.

Canterbury Shop MARK IS Minatomirai Branch
3-5-1 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken, 2F 217
Open: Mon~Thu 10:00AM~8:00PM; Fri~Sun/Holidays/Day before holidays: 10:00AM~9:00PM
Regular Holidays: Same as shopping mall

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