Watch Eurovision 2023’s Winning Song ‘Tattoo’ Performed at Closing Ceremony (Video)

Sweden’s Loreen won the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 on Saturday with her song “Tattoo.”

The contest was hosted in Liverpool, England, with “Ted Lasso” star Hannah Waddingham, British TV host Graham Norton, Ukrainian singer Julia Sanina of The Hardkiss, and singer Alesha Dixon, formerly of Mis-Teeq, hosting the event.

The finale came down to Finland and Sweden. “I can tell you that Sweden needs a minimum of 187 points to win. Sweden, the public has given you…” Norton teased with a dramatic pause. “243 points! We have a winner! Sweden you have won the Eurovision Song Contest 2023!”

You can watch that moment and her reaction below:

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“You now enter the history books. Only the second person to win the  Eurovision contest twice, Johnny Logan being the first now you,” Graham said as the trophy was handed to Loreen. “We’re so happy for you, Loreen, bringing Eurovision back to Sweden for Abba’s 50th anniversary year. It’s so, so special.”

She then performed “Tattoo” one more time, which you can see in the video at the top.”

Sweden and Finland were followed in the final results by Israel, Italy, Norway and Ukraine. As last year’s winner, Ukraine should have hosted the event but because of Russia’s assault, the venue was moved. Although political statements are strictly prohibited during the show, lyrics in several of the entrants hinted at the conflict.

You can watch and listen to all 37 songs in the competition in this video.

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