Wang Xiaofei plans to marry girlfriend this year

26 Feb – It looks like Wang Xiaofei has truly found the new love of his life, as he told fans recently that he plans to marry social media influencer Mandy this year.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the mainland Chinese entrepreneur shared the news with followers during a live broadcast on 23 February, saying that he has to get married this year and added, "I want to buy a big (ring) for my baby (Mandy)!"

He also sang praises for Mandy, saying that she is very considerate and sensible, as well as being very good with his children.

It is noted that Wang recently brought his daughter Wang Hsi-yueh on a vacation with him and Mandy.

"I will definitely get married this year," he said. "I am very happy now. I have my family and my girlfriend on my side. Now I am the master of the outside world while she is the master of the house."

Wang and Mandy were spotted at the airport earlier this year
Wang and Mandy were spotted at the airport earlier this year

Wang made his relationship with Mandy public on New Year's Eve this year, and confirmed that he has also rented a place in Taipei to be with the Taiwanese influencer. The romance came nearly two years after he and Barbie Hsu ended their ten-year marriage.

(Photo Source: China Times, SINA)