Wang Xiaofei deletes video of altercation with Taiwanese cab driver

20 Jan – Barbie Hsu's husband Wang Xiaofei recently deleted a post he originally published on social media about an altercation he had with a taxi driver in Taipei.

As reported on Mingpao, back on 15 January, the mainland businessman took to Weibo to express his frustration about an incident that occurred earlier, when the driver of a taxi he took scolded him for speaking with a Beijing accent.

"Taiwan used to be a place of love, but it is now full of hate," he wrote.

The post came with a video of the said incident, where Wang could be heard asking the taxi driver to apologise for using profanity, but was challenged to a fight instead by the other party who accused Wang of being drunk.

However, the post had since been deleted, with Wang saying that he didn't want to spark more division from both mainland netizens and Taiwanese alike.

"I feel saddened. This is no longer a place I knew from ten years ago," he added.

His posts had since garnered a lot of likes and comments from netizens. Several mainland netizens agreed with Wang, saying that many Taiwanese are now treating them like enemies instead of comrades.

The Beijing-based businessman married Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu nearly ten years ago. The two have two children together.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)