Wang Leehom's new album has poor sales?

20 Sep - The recent sales performance of Wang Leehom's new album, "A.I. Love" has begged the question whether his popularity has decreased over the years.

As reported on Tencent, the singer, who launched the pre-order of his first mini digital album on 12 September, with a 15 September official release, didn't do as well as his previous albums.

While it would be considered a commendable number for new singers, some believed that Wang's latest sales of around 60,000 could be considered poor for someone of his status.

Sources also compared the sales of Wang's album to Kris Wu's "6" (1.6 million), which was released in July, and Luhan's "I" (1.3 million copies), which came out a month earlier.

Many believed that a few factors are at play when it comes to the sales. Aside from the fact that Wang's fans are older and not keen on competing with other fanbase by buying more copies than they should, some believe that Wang's status as a married father of two also plays a part in the sales performance.

On the other hand, others stated that they didn't even know that Wang has released a new album.

The source stated that one of the main reasons for the low number was due to emergence of many idol singers in Chinese music, adding that when it comes to sales and exposure, older singers just can't compete.

(Photo Source: Wang Lee Hom Facebook)