Wakin Chau's son Andrew attracts attention at album launch

17 Dec – Wakin Chau recently released his new Mandarin album, "The Younger Me" but it seemed that his Taiwanese-American mix son, Andrew, was the one who attracted the most attention during the launch held on 13 December.

As reported on Epoch Times, Andrew, who appeared on stage to support his father's new release, shared that he just recently concluded filming the new Jui Yuan-tsao drama, "Lady the Butterfly", based on the 2016 novel of the same name by Chen Yao-chang.

Speaking about his appearance at Wakin's album launch, Andrew stated that the two of them rarely see each other due to their hectic schedule, but would always be supportive of one another.

Asked how much he would score Wakin as a father, Andrew gave the singer an 80 or 90, while Wakin himself gave the actor a full 100.

On the other hand, the singer revealed that his son was never fond of his songs since he was a child, as Andrew were more interested in hip hop.

Speaking about the album, Wakin stated that he had wanted to retire at the age of 60, but releasing the new album has now roused his love for his career and that he now plans to work for a few more years.

(Photo source: Epoch Times)