Wait Until You See Emma Roberts 'Doll Wall' Inside Her LA Home

emma roberts
Emma Roberts Has A 'Doll Wall' Inside Her LA HomeGetty Images

She might have starred in the 2019 film UglyDolls, but it turns out that Emma Roberts' connection to toys runs deeper than her acting credits. Roberts recently welcomed Architectural Digest into her $3.6 million Los Angeles home, where she lives with her three-year-old son Rhodes, who she shares with her ex Garrett Hedlund.

The house, which was brought to life by designers Pierce and Ward, is full of eccentric personal touches, in contrast to the minimal aesthetic often exuded by celebrity mansions. 'Minimalism is not my strong suit,' she says during the video tour. 'Every house I’ve ever lived in feels a little bit like a cabinet of curiosities. I loved the idea of making my very own grown-up dollhouse.'

Roberts then revealed that she has done just that. 'I'm really excited to show you guys the doll wall. I’m madly obsessed with them — in love with them. I do love all of them,' she said, showing viewers the rows of shelves that housed her extensive collection. Her favourites include 'drunk cowgirl Barbie' and Blythe, a vintage US doll style that features an oversized head and large eyes that change colour with the pull of a string.


Her most recent addition is 'Leggy Jill', which she sought out for more than a year until her boyfriend bought it for her birthday. 'I took her out of the box, which he did not approve of,' she said. 'I take my dolls out of the box, which people get very up in arms about, but I feel like if you're gonna collect dolls, you may as well enjoy them.'

Dispelling any notion that she might find the dolls creepy, Roberts said: 'I hope that every night – that they’ll come wake me up. It would be so thrilling'. The house tour also included 'the start of a little Joni Mitchell shrine', a 'very fun mug collection' and plenty of maximalist details. 'I feel like there can never be enough stripes or fringe or tassels in a house,' she says. 'I know people would disagree, but I love it.'

On the contrary, many viewers filled the comments section with enthusiastic praise. 'Haha omg I love her house, and I'm not even half way through watching it,' wrote one. 'I especially love [...] the dolls. I never knew how cool Emma Roberts was.'

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