Vivian Hsu touched by son's words about grandfather's death

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25 May – Kids say the darndest things, but sometimes, they also say the most unexpectedly heartwarming thing.

Case in point: Vivian Hsu. The Taiwanese actress recently revealed that her five-year-old son Dalton recently told her something that immediately and tremendously touched her heart.

In her post, Vivian said that she was helping Dalton take a bath one day when he suddenly asked, "Mummy do you know why you gave birth to a boy?"

When she told him she doesn't know, he said, "Because God took grandpa away, and you have no father. So God sent me to take care of you."

"This kid!" she posted, adding five tearful emojis.

Vivian with son Dalton
Vivian with son Dalton

In the same post, Vivian expressed how much she missed her father, writing in a series of hashtags, "Dad, I miss you very much right now. How are you on the other side?"

Vivian's father passed away back in 2018 after years of undergoing long-term kidney dialysis.

In a previous interview following Papa Hsu's death, Vivian expressed, "I wanted my dad to live to be 70, so that [my son] Dalton would remember everything about his grandfather. Dalton was only two [when he died].

She added that she would let her son watch videos of his grandfather every day in hopes that Dalton won't forget him.

Papa Hsu's death really affected the actress
Papa Hsu's death really affected the actress

(Photo Source: Vivian Hsu Instagram, Liberty Times Net)

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