Vikram Maan: Person Behind Success Of Eagleporium Influence Agency

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Vikram Maan is definition of success and He is the perfect example of unseen influence. Vikram Maan elaborately put the interconnected Ecosystem of Brands called Eagleporium Agency. The Purpose of this conglomerate is to increase the influence and engagement of their clients in the social media reality and in actuality are able to place them in Reality TV, Comercials, Social Media ads, Music Videos, Websites, Blogsites and etc...

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Eagleporium is the World Wide Based Agency. This is not just an agency it is a new revolutionary concept that Mr.Vikram Singh wants to give to this world.

Vikram Maan is a young Social Marketing Savant from Nohar Town, Rajasthan designs Social engineering campaigns and handles social media PR for his clients with his social media expert and superb entrepreneurial business acumen of a Steve Jobs can Trump all sub- divisions of business. Vikram Maan with his management skills Social Media and Entertainment Industry expertise vast network and eye for minute details has enabled Eagleporium to grow tremendously, in the last 2 months. He ensures to keep a track of the latest trends in the industry which has led him to successfully run several notable campaigns for various celebrities and Companies.

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Vikram Maan since 2011 has been hyperactive in creating content for social media. He holds more than 10 years of experience in the field. His high IQ in analyzing, revising and improving active social media trends and the ever changing digital marketplace are unbelievable unless experienced 1st hand. His way of working, sets him apart from his counterparts and rivals in the industry. Owing to these qualities, many companies have reached out to him to collaborate on everything from improving on corporate structure and brand perception to creating culture within their brand. Influencial names Celebrity Dj Yg for Celebrity Status Records to Chris Wills at Full Circle music Group from a artist to his current position as CEO.Webbie's Brother Derrick Marquis Johnson has collaborated with Vikram Maan for strategy Artist & Reportior Leadership to Graphics and tour management.

Vrikram Singh an is a living legend and the definition of success. Vikram Maan has started from the mud and soared high above what most people wishfully think of achieving.The Drive he possess will take him to new and higher dimensions in a world he contructed and will allow him Create Constant Grasp on Successful ventures in pop culture.

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