Vijaygiri Bava's '21mu Tiffin' continues its run at film festivals

Vijaygiri Bava
Vijaygiri Bava

14 Sep 2021: Vijaygiri Bava's '21mu Tiffin' continues its run at film festivals

Vijaygiri Bava-directed critically acclaimed Gujarati film 21mu Tiffin continues to win appreciation in the film festival circuit. As per the makers, the movie has now been selected for screening at the 16th Tasveer South Asian Film Festival (TSAFF). Bava also released the official teaser for the poignant film, starring National Film Award-winning actress Niilam Paanchal, on Twitter. Here are the details.

Announcement: Previously, it won at the WRPN Women's International Film Festival

21mu Tiffin (Ekvismu Tiffin) has previously been selected for the Toronto International Women Film Festival 2021, alongside coming out as a winner at the WRPN Women's International Film Festival 2021. Announcing the movie's selection for the Tasveer South Asian Film Festival 2021, the acclaimed filmmaker said on Monday: "Presenting [the] official teaser of 21Mu Tiffin selected in @TasveerOrg a national award winning story."

Fact: Check out the teaser here

Information: National Award-winning actress Paanchal is leading the venture

Paanchal, who leads the movie, also shared the teaser online. Notably, the actress has worked in numerous daily soaps like Hamari Devrani, Veera, and Lajwanti. In 2017, she debuted on the pan-Indian big screen with Hrithik Roshan-led Kaabil. While she played a supporting character in it, recognition for her came knocking with the Gujarati movie Hellaro. This won her the Special Jury National Award.

Quote: 'My character's build-up is extremely interesting,' said Paanchal

Since its release, the teaser has been going viral on social media. Speaking about the hype, Paanchal told TOI she "loved" playing her character as the "build-up is extremely interesting." "The concept is unique and new to its kind. It beautifully portrays the multitude of roles a woman plays in her life. However, the story takes an offbeat angle as it proceeds," she added.

Teaser: Story tells how the 21st customer changes our lead's life

Now coming to the small clip that has been trending, the teaser features the story of a middle-aged woman who runs a tiffin service. Then a young man enters her life as the 21st customer and changes her life's track. Alongside Paanchal, Raunaq Kamdar and Netri Trivedi are in the lead roles. Presented by Vijaygiri FilmOs, the release date is yet to be announced.

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