Vicky Chan is relieved her DUI case finally over

28 May – TVB actress Vicky Chan recently revealed that she can finally breathe a sigh of relief now that her DUI case is over.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress who spoke to the media outside the court following her trial, said that the case has been dragging on in her mind for the longest time, that she is just so happy that it finally came to an end.

As for the verdict, Vicky, who admitted that she was nervous and worried about the sentence, said that she knew that she was in the wrong and accepts the magistrate's decision.

"I will drink less from now on, and I will focus on my work. I would also like to thank all my lawyers for helping me deal with it," she added.

Last Thursday (21 May) was her 29th birthday. Vicky said that though she had celebrated it on that day, she was still concerned about the trial at the time.

"The end of the case can be considered a belated birthday gift to me," she added.

Vicky was fined HKD 5,000 and had her driving license suspended for 12 months for her first misdemeanour. She was also required to undergo a driving improvement course.

(Photo Source: Vicky Chan Instagram)